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      Thanks again to Conner for setting this up so quickly.

      I've already posted this in 'Studio Lounge / General Discussion'*, but I thought I'd post it here too so as many people as possible can see it :

      Pure Mix Mixing Competition - Deadline April 11th

      Let's bring it home for Warren and the Produce Like a Pro Academy! 😉

      *You can find the original thread here.

      chris massa

        Excellent perhaps he can move the other threads here.


          I took a stab (pun intended) at this song for the pure mix competition. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And yes it would be cool to get a bunch of PLAPA members on this!


            The drums are solid and present. Bottom end punches the song along. Mix as a whole feels tight and well balanced.

            The vocals got a little lost in the guitars, during the chorus (particularly in the middle of the song). The snare was a bit 'thuddy' for me, but that's personal taste as much as anything.

            All in all, a good, quality piece of mixing. Nice one!


              Pasted Jared's Mix Post here, for convenience :

              Hey guys, I just uploaded my mix for this competition. Please listen and make comments! Let me know what you think. I worked pretty hard on it. I also followed the instructions to a T and did not add any samples or any other sounds (even though the drums were not easy to get sounding right – I feel like I was able to pull it off; but hey, if you disagree please let me know!).

              -Slightly Revised version-

              *Plus my feedback for the first version :

              Nice depth to the tom fill just before a minute in. Guitars are nice and crunchy and angry, without distortion spilling over all over the mix. Dynamics are solid – particularly liked the vocal level, through all the changes – stays in the slot. You carry the oddly disjointed swagger of the song well.

              Some of the drums sounded a little drowned out, buuuuut, I’m listening through my TV – so that may well explain that. I’ll give it a listen in the studio tomorrow.

              All in all a solid job. Well done! I’d be well proud of that.

              Jared's reply :

              Thanks for the listening and for the feedback Toby. The drums for this were very difficult – I don’t feel like they were recorded well at all. I did some research on the band and it looks like one of the band members does all the recording himself so who knows what kind of space they have and recording chops. My guess is that the drums weren’t recorded in an actual studio or even a room that sounded good at all. Notice there weren’t even any room mics and the overheads had a nasty ring in the sub 250 range so I ended up just having to high pass the overheads. That effectively just left the usable drum sounds to close miking (OHs effectively became close mics for the cymbals). I would have loved to throw some killer samples in there – this is the kind of recording that needs that kind of help. Unfortunately I don’t think the rules allow drum replacement.


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                My feedback for the revised mix :

                Wow! Jared, nice job man. Those drums sound so much better, they sound huuuuge in places - love it! I'm hearing a lot more details in the song too. The guitars are still crunchy and angry, but if anything sound bigger and tighter.

                Nitpicking, but maaaybe the lead vocal is a little too bright in places? But it's only slight.

                Top job. I'm well impressed by those drums, I know there were being stubborn with you - but you dragged them kicking and screaming into the land of the badass!

                Jared Sherman

                  Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Toby!


                    Thanks for listening Toby! I really appreciate. Will work on a revised mix soon addressing those comments. Also Jared I really enjoyed your mix! Nice job!

                    Andrew Mckenzie

                      I thought I would give this one a crack as well, quite interesting not adding or removing any stems to get the result....where there's a will there's a way. 🙂



                        Cool mix. I really like 'crack' on the edge of the snare. Nice thumping kick too. Bass is good and solid.

                        Interesting effect on the vocals in the Breakdown. Maybe could be dialed back a bit? But I really like the contrast - something the song lacks without.

                        Vocals are loud and proud throughout. Guitars feel a little quiet for my 'aging grunge rocker tastes' - but that might be a good thing 😉

                        A very tight, punchy mix. Nice one!

                        Rich Zei

                          I took a whack at this one as well. I also took into account all of the PLAP suggestions ofrom the other mixes ive posted. Thanks for that everyone.

                          Personally I could have used only about half the tracks (and R3 may be just the tracks it needs). The song has a 'Lincoln Park" feel to me, so I took that sort of approach.

                          Thoughts and feedback are always appreciated.




                            Has something strange happened during your mp3 conversion? The track is around 15 secs too short and too high pitch. The multitracks were 41.8 khz. Was your DAW set at 48 khz? That would account for the short run time and high pitch.

                            Drums sound bangin', though!

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