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    Arthur Labus

      Thank you for the music! 😉

      That will be cool with your files. D.... good stuff Anders!

      Cris Sabater Sabater

        Hi guys, sorry it has been so long but I have had a load of work on so have had to put this on the back burner. Here it is anyway. Thanks to all the wonderful performances that made this production!

        Cheers guys,


        Arthur Labus

          Hi Cris,

          wasn't expecting that 🙂 No files ?
          However, fine tune! I think there will be my mix in two/three days too.

          Arthur Labus

            Hi Guys !

            I've just finished my mix of that awesome production.
            Many thanks to all participants.

            Mix is available here

            Enjoy !

            Nathan Kaye

              Looks like I missed out on getting in on a fun collaboration... Any new ones coming guys? 😀

              Arthur Labus

                Sure ! There are four another more or less waiting for you Nathan 🙂

                Just check the upper directory:

                Feel free to start something !

                And.. any kind of your kind feedback would be appreciated ! 😉

                Arthur Labus

                  Hello all collaborators ! ?

                  I would like to make public our projects.
                  I would like to place it on SoundCloud and YouTube.

                  First, I think to myself, i need your agreement even if almost all else put it on soundcloud.

                  Second, I need your credits wish. Some use studio names, often called a nick name and some real names.
                  Please to all involved: tell me about how to list them in the description, any links included or anything else alls what you want to have.

                  Michael Hordorwich

                    Seems like an old thread are we still collabing on this? I play rhythm/lead guitar, bass and drums. My stlyes are all over from lyndsey buckingham to yngwie malmsteen so let me know. @A-labus is this the song you were referring to collabing on? oh i also love metal and grew up on slayer, metal church, old metallica, overkill, anthrax etc.

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                    • This reply was modified 7 years ago by Michael Hordorwich.
                    Arthur Labus

                      I mean, you should like the song 🙂
                      Just as example what we already did here.
                      You can start something here in new thread or grab something from other.
                      We can also start something aside.
                      Should i mail you ?!


                        Oh dear - do I need to strangle the cat again ?



                        Arthur Labus

                          No excuses Craig !
                          You had eight months time and you could not get new cat ?!

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