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    Ken Allen

      I do not have a link to production information, but I did do all of the writing, producing, Performing, arranging, mixing, mastering. Just as much credit needs to my band mate  Todd Lyall  who is 50 percent of all of the above.   We have identical Cubase 10.5 DAWs to exchange our projects from between East and West coast.   The result of our work is here:     At present my studio need sound treatment. I look forward to being able to exapand my mix services at some point.

      Michael Bryant

        I use mine mainly for home videos of my wonderful daughter and some photography(One of my biggest passions)

        With that being said I am planning to start uploading more and trying to get involved more in the audio along with the photo end of this, I have subbed to all above me in these posts so please show me what you can and I will comment fairly often as I do for most of my other channels I have subbed to... thanks guys and good luck to all!!!

        Michael B in Tampa FL

        Robert McClellan

          Awesome man! Best wishes on your journey! Just subbed!

          Frozn Colors

            hello everybody! i just subscribed to each and every one of you. excellent videos!

            here's my channel that i created last night (10 hrs ago).

            also, please if you have the time also give me honest brutal feedback in the comments, i'm still learning! don't be scared of offending me i don't get offended at all. just be honest.

            Andrew (AKA Ajay)
              Andrew (AKA Ajay)
                Brian Yap

                  Hi my channel is about the music I am working on.



                    Finally found a moment to catch up with this... Subed everyone I hadn't caught already...


                    Michael Wittmer

                      Count me in.  I have a garage / auto channel with 1800+ subs but just started my music channel.  I'm expecting it to pick up soon..  Will start promoting your links asap.  Here is mine.   Thanks for the support:

                      Frozn Colors

                        i just caught up and subscribed and commented.

                        Frozn Colors

                        Bobby Kane

                          I like this idea. So... here's mine:

                          Got a video coming out this Wednesday.

                          Andrew Silvester

                            Hello everyone and hope you are all well

                            if you like, you can subscribe to my channel here. All acoustic type stuff at the moment and mainly covers - no real plan on what I will do with it in future but I enjoy making the vids when I have the time and will have a browse around your channels over the next few weeks 🙂


                            all the best


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