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      Let's get some PLAPA cross-promotion going ? many of us are now actively "YouTubing", and each of our "YouTubist" channels has a "Featured Channel" list.

      It'd be PLAP-tastic if we'd start featuring each other's channels. Marketing/promotion is a process of attrition (every little helps).

      Post your YouTube channels below, so we can be starting something (you gotta be starting something).

      Here is my own Tobisonics Channel:

      And of course there's the Produce Like A Pro channel, have you heard of it? It's quite good... 😉

      Plapa youTube

      Arthur Labus
        Magnus Emilsson
          Christian Gillmann
            Adrian Parzentny

              haha I'm in, check out my channel where I travel in my mobile record studio world wide and record Bands / Local Artists to show, how beautiful the world is with the universal language of music 🙂

     -> Basically we start earning a bit of $ with YouTube and I try to make it work better with:

              - Behind the scenes
              - Podcasts (Sound Guy stories)
              - Interviews to show Tribes and their influence, vibes and music
              - Tutorials how to mix & record

              So hopefully one day we can even pay artists in Africa so the musicians can support their family, at the moment we do a lot for exchange (Food and accommodation etc.)

     here is my playlist with all songs and music videos that we recorded for now ! 🙂

              I will subscribe to your channel right now, cool idea, high 5 brothers and sisters haha

              BTW good educational content from you will be also added my webpage where I collect helpful YouTube Videos for new mixers & recorder and more


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              Alexander Common

                Here's my music page. I don't have one for producing / mixing


                Lasse Rosendahl Bang

                  Sounds like a beautiful idea! I use mine primarily to showcase my portfolio but would like to expand into reviews, tips and tricks etc. at some point

                  Here it is

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                    Done, Done and Done. Subbed and added to my featured channel list.

                    *Tip: You can put your Featured channel list on shuffle so different channels appear at the top of the order.


                    Robert McClellan

                      Excellent idea man!

                      I run Home Studio Simplified. It started out as a creative outlet and branches out to a website, a podcast, and a YouTube channel.

                      If you have something interesting to share, shoot me an email and I could have you on as a guest! Now that’s networking at its finest!


                      Danial Devost

                        I happen to run the least kept-up youtube channel ever!

                        No I am just super inconsistent with posting. But I just did a mix-with-me series.


                        Robert McClellan

                          I followed the link but was immediately sidetracked by your RUSH cover of “La Villa Strangiato”! Very impressed! I’ve seen a lot of people try and cover it and do a good job, but you nailed it man! Great work! I subbed, wish I could’ve subbed twice!

                          Richard Clarke

                            So far I've also only been using mine as a portfolio, I think this is a great idea though so here is mine!


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