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      All Caught Up ?

      Michael Wittmer

        I have subscribed to you all.  🙂  Look forward to following your channels.  If you feel so inclined, please check out Good Old Mike Music here:



        Imran Khan

          Hi everyone. I joined today!! This is a great idea. I've subscribed to all of you in this thread so far and those who feature channels on their channel I've featured yours on mine.

          Here's mine:

          Any critiques of mixes from my ORIGINALS playlist welcome!!

          Paul Motion

            Hey team PLAPA! Started my own Youtube channel.. I'll admit I'm not going to be mega active but I'll probably try posting a video a week if I get the time. Would greatly appreciate the support. As a starting point I'll be posting the mix breakdowns I've done in the academy but will then do more as we go... Also using it as a portfolio of work....

            The first one is the Back to You break down. Thanks everyone and hope you're all staying safe and well!


            Paul Motion

              Annnndddd subbed all those folks I haven't already subbed.. Not you @ajay.. already subbed you like a million times!! LOL
              Happy days!

              MBI (Ian)

                Just set up my channel.


                Very little content so far. But hope to grow it quite quickly. Thanks in advance







                DJ Cro-G

                  Nice one Tobi!

                  Late to the party but here's mine:


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                  Richard Clarke

                    Think I am caught with everyone too. Great initiative Tobi! its really interesting to see what eveyone is doing, some really impressive and humbling stuff!

                    Matt Ingram

                      Hey Guys! I love this idea! I actually have 2 you tube channels. Together I think they are getting close to about half a million plays.


                      First is my gear/production channel: TFTGear (TFT= the followthrough)


                      And then I have My music page where I put everything I record under The Followthrough:



                      Thanks for listening. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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                      Bob Low
                        Michael Wittmer

                          Hey folks, i have updated my target youtube channel to

                          I hope you subscribe and I hope to see you there.



                          Michael Wittmer

                            Subbed Rob.

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