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    Donald Hopper

      Hello, I'm Don from Michigan. I've been a musician (drums mostly) pretty much all my life. I started writing songs about 15 years ago and started home recording about a year ago. I'm pretty anxious to get started on these courses. I'm no spring chicken so wish me luck.

      Peter Brandt

        Cheers fellow members,

        my channel isn't about information or infotainment, it is just my project's music video channel.

        As of now it only contains two music videos for two tracks of the upcoming album.

        Check it out, if you like to.

        Thanks and stay well


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        Todd Greenwood

          Hello all.   I"M IN!!!!!!  It's late.   I try to learn how to feature channels tomorrow.     Til then ...


            My YouTube channel is ALL OVER THE PLACE!  Anything from home video, live music, 360 video, Drone/UAV, to experimental stuff.  I plan to start a new channel eventually once I get my courage up and work on my presentation skills a bit. LOL

            AndrewCCM - YouTube


            Aaron Souza

              Hello everyone! I have removed my initial post regarding a toxic encounter I had with someone on YouTube that a lot of us follow. Sorry, but I've realized this isn't the place for that, and don't want to bring anymore negative attention towards it. Sorry, but hopefully I'll post soon and feel comfortable enough to post some mixes and my music. Take care!

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              Curtis Weekes



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                Tom McElman
                  Mark Barrett

                    OK so here's our video for our first release - I'm struggling to get email alerts and new to this so bear with me!
                    Circles by Zen Orchestra

                    Scotty Wiard
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