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    Andrew (AKA Ajay)

      Hi everyone, a few of us in Facebook land have started a YouTube discussion group. Creating ideas and collaborating with each other to grow our channels.

      I'd love to get it started here too. Anyone here have YouTube channels and not on Facebook who'd like to join in the conversation?

      Look forward to seeing you here.

      Sergio Sánchez

        Hi Andrew and thanks again to start this discussion. I am on the Facebook group, but I want to tell my idea of collaboration in YouTube also here. Just in case someone is interested.

        My idea is to make short videos about a topic between some of us. For example: We can do a video about something we have in our studios that can't live without. Everyones explain their thing and upload the videos to a cloud platform. Then, each of us present the video and put together all the parts. In this way, every video will be different. This is important for google.

        It would be an easy way to collaborate. We can push up our channels sharing content and knowledge. We have different channels, talking about different things, so maybe is not going to be easy to collaborate in all videos, but we can do it in channels that talk about things we know. I am more an engineer than a producer, so I will talk more about recording and mixing stuff.

        If anyone has other ideas, I would try to help if I can.

        See you!

        Storm Reckseidler

          Hi Andrew, thanks for posting this. I am one of the Youtube but not Facebook members. I'm interested in being aware of the discussion at least. I do not use my channel currently so I'd like to see how best to cross-coordinate our knowledge content better. I have a lot of live experience but not really sure how to use my channel to give live show production advice when there's no live shows anymore. 🙂

          Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I'm interested and not on Facebook.

          Ayhan Alakus

            Hi Andrew.

            That sounds like a lot of fun. i've just signed up for the Facebook group so i'd have to wait for that but how and where can i find the YouTube discussion group?

            Andrew (AKA Ajay)

              Thanks Sergio, Storm and Ayhan!

              Looking forward to getting the discussion started here too!

              Andrew (AKA Ajay)


              Akhilesh Jain

                Hey! How may I join this conversation? Sounds interesting!

                Andrew (AKA Ajay)

                  Hi everyone,

                  So far the discussion has produced two great ideas we're going ahead with.

                  1) Create an introductory video for members to use as a "This Episode Brought to you by". A way to share each others channels

                  Please share your video via a cloud storage link, you can also send it to [email protected]

                  2) Collaborating with members on a technique video over different DAWs

                  e.g. This is how I do the thickening trick in Reaper, now over to Ajay in Studio One 5....Ajay?

                  I'll hopefully get a Google Docs or similar cloud based document going to collate the ideas.

                  Mean while, please go ahead and share your thoughts here!



                  Frozn Colors

                    Andrew! i don't use Facebook too often, but i'd love to join the group. i open Facebook like once a day or two, i'll increase it. please send me the link to the group! (if possible, message me so i get a notification)

                    Andrew (AKA Ajay)

                      Hi Frozn, I'll try and find you on Facebook and I've sent you a friend request here in the academy.

                      Thanks for reaching out!


                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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