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      I am using Cubase 8.5 Pro.
      Starting with VST32 in the 90ies I allways used Cubase.
      In 2010 I switched from PC to MacOS (currently iMac).
      I can't remember an issue really.

      Tried Pro Tools lately. But as Warren says "Creativity is King", I prefered making music than spending time in learning a new DAW.
      I feel absolutely comfortable with Cubase.

      By the way - I'm new in the Academy and I'm excited to learn as much as possible here.


      Todd Mitchell

        I'm brand new to PLAP and the forum - another Cubase user (8 Pro still).

        It's crossed my mind to get PT and/or S1 but as I've heard someone else say "what goes does learning a second language do you if you don't have anyone to talk to in it?" Or "why learn to play guitar left handed if you can already play right?"

        I've done the free Coursera course on Ableton and I can see why people making electronic music would consider a platform like that.

        As for "blacklisted" plugins, I've never had a single problem with any (and I have a lot of Waves and iZotope plus dozens of freebies) except RIN-M while it was in Beta. Seems perfectly fine now though.

        Danial Devost

          Started in Cubase 6, had to learn Pro Tools in University, spent about another year fighting with it before going back to Cubase. Now on 9.5 Pro and absolutely love it!!

          Aaron Bradshaw

            I've been Ableton exclusively for a long time, but last year my partner bought me Cubase 9 Pro, which I Updated to 9.5. I've actually only used it a few times though, I think I've always felt like I was being a bit counter productive trying to learn it when Ableton was doing the job for me. I do come from more of an EDM production background though and since starting to mix i'm feeling like Cubase might be the way for me to go, seeing as though I already own it haha.

            Rob Simpson

              Yo. Cubase 8 on Windows here. 32 gigs RAM. Lots of WAVES and lately IK Media (I had no idea their plubins were so good.) Loving Cubase. Anyone jump in for Cubase 10 yet?

              Roy Andrè Berget

                First Cubase i had was some version of the Cubase SX early 2000s, then had Cubase 5, then Cubase 6.5 and thats what ive been using since. Time to upgrade i think:)

                Lee Hawkins

                  Hi Roy, I use Cubase and have also made a transition to Studio One which has many similarities. I still use Cubase for writing as it is very comprehensive.


                    Hi all I am using cubase 9.5 and love it  I have been using cubase for about 5 years now  I find it very reliable and haven't experienced any glitches  and  it is very easy to use  dont think I will ever change to another DAW

                    Steven Bennett

                      I'm using Cubase Pro 12

                      Shaun Lynch

                        I'm another Cubase user. Started with a freebie version over 3 years ago, but have since upgraded to Pro 12.

                        This is the only DAW I know, but it suits.

                        Just joined the PLAP Academy.

                        Cubase users:  How is the Academy working for you?

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