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    Lee Hawkins

      Haha, Warren, it's certainly more advanced now and Version 9 Pro is on the horizon. I remember the 1993 Atari ST versions well!!! I've recently gone more from Cubase to Studio One but I still love certain things in Cubase like chord arranger, Vari-audio and incredible elastic audio. A great production / writing tool. Midi capabilities are top notch too. It will be interesting to see what new features are in the new version. With Studio One and Cubase, everything is covered.

      Warren Huart

        Haha yes Lee that's what I remember! The Atari 520, 1040, Mega version!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

        Jan Sierts

          Started on 2.0 on the Atari. Now 8.5 pro on PC.
          Tried a few other DAW's but i'm used to my workflow and know-how of Cubase.

          Mark Barden

            Hi All Cubasers.. I'm a Cubase man! Just taken the upgrade to 9.. working well upto now.
            32Bit plugin users be warned.. they are not supported in this version - It told me on install that it didn't like Izotope Vinyl and bannished it in the bin of 32bit doom! Not a problem for modern plugs but the original EMI TG plugs won't run now.. bit of a shame!

            Mats Dagerlind

              It's a great update, espeically the consolidation of arrange, mixer and editor windows + the transport on one screen if you want, very handy if you work mobile from a laptop. Some strange new automatic zoom behavior that I find a bit annoying, but could be I haven't fully understood this feature. Also strange, you need to change your color settings to restore the white background in editor windows. The dark default in v9 is just useless contrast wise.

              I also noticed my Izotope Vinyl plugin was banned in this version, but the latest version (1.80) also installs a 64 bit plugin, so if this ban i due to no more bridged 32 bit plugin support in 64 bit Cubase (which I haven't read though), then the 64 bit plugin should work.


              Christopher Feeney

                I upgraded too. Good stuff. Although I must admit, my first thought was, "oh, they made it like Studio One."

                Also, iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite and Scufffham S-Gear was blacklisted. Can I just enable them in the VST manager?

                Mats Dagerlind

                  Steinberg basically wrote the book of DAWs and I've been with Cubase since the Atari days, but it's a very different market nowdays with several top competitors, so I guess Steinberg cannot be expected to take the lead everytime, but have to glance at what the other DAW vendors come up with, and Studio One is really there at the forefront. I bought it recently but haven't had time to test it thoroughly yet.

                  As for blacklisted plugins; the 64 bit Scuffham SGear 2 64-bit works fine for me, as does the iZotope Vinyl 64-bit mentioned earlier in this thread. I don't use any other iZotope plugins, so I don't know about them. Also I didn't read anywhere that Steinberg has dropped 32-bit plugin support for the 64 bit version of Cubase, but that may very well be the case and the explanation for why some old plugins are no longer working.


                    I upgraded to Cubase 9 as well. Yep, apparently Steinberg have ended all support for 32 bit plugins.

                    According to a Steinberg forum post I read, you can still use jbridge ...buuut, I haven't used it myself so I can't say for sure.

                    In regard to iZotope Nectar 2 , the 64 bit version works fine. I've used it on two projects in Cubase 9 already, without problems. Maybe you can download the 64 bit version from the iZotope site? Your license should cover all versions of the plugin.

                    I'm really enjoying using Cubase 9. Much more intuitive workflow. ...though I do agree with Mats, the default dark background is bit daft - particularly when working with Midi.

                    Mike Krowiak

                      ...I hope they keep stealing from Studio One, specifically the assign groups from folders function (or whatever they call it) and Pro Tools-style automation editing (just highlight a section and push up or down.) Creating 4 event nodes to adjust a section is nuts... Yes, there are workarounds, but they're not solid enough, IMHO...

                      [Rant Mode OFF] :^)


                        cubase 7.5 here been useing since that trutape they released was using cakewalk 9 at the time
                        hope to upgrade to 9 this winter some time if funds permit

                        Nathan Kaye

                          Cubase Pro 9 is tempting, but I'm going to stick with 8.5 for a while longer before upgrading.

                          Maurice Beekman

                            I've just upgraded to version 9. Easy upgrade (i don't use any 32bit plugins anymore). I really like the new docking window below the tracks view. It makes mixing a lot faster. Didn't use the other new functions yet so maybe a quite expensive extra tool 😉

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