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      Big thanks to Lim Bros for posting this on the PLAPA Group Page on FB! New Mixing Competition :

      Pensado's Place Mixing Competition - Deadline 18th May

      Post your mixes here for feedback. Best of luck to each and everyone of you!

      Let's bring it home for Warren and PLAPA!

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        Submission Requirements

        Pensado's Place is looking for you to mix Regret The Hour's track "Distance".
        You must use ALL of the stems for your submission to be eligible.
        DO NOT add any additional samples, sounds or instruments to then mix. This is purely a mixing contest.
        A good submission should have an overall even and balanced sound with all of the stems recognizable throughout the mix.
        The winning mix is subject to the Pensado's Place team's opinion and judging process.
        More votes will not make your submission more likely to win as the judges choose from all submissions.

        Whether the no samples rule means no drum samples, I do not know. Something we may need to look into...


          Song Details

          Studio: Converse Rubber Tracks Brooklyn - Studio A
          Recording Engineers : Aaron Bastinelli
          Mixing Engineers : Aaron Bastinelli
          Instruments :Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
          Genres : Rock, Indie Rock
          Key :E Major
          Tempo :147

          Regret the Hour is a young, all-original rock band from Nyack, NY, originally formed by brothers Nate and Ben McCarthy, who began writing songs together in grade school. Eventually joined by drummer Anders Fleming and bassist Jesse Yanko, the band broke into the NYC music scene early in their career, where they frequented venues like Arlene’s Grocery, and Kenny’s Castaways. Their sound has been described as “atmospheric post-punk…with chiming, churning melodies reminiscent of U2, and the brainy edginess of Radiohead.”


            Reference Tracks

            Band Website


            Mix / Recording Engineer's site

  , excuses now 😉 Nose to the grindstone, let's get it done!

              Anders Isberg

                Been working on this mix a bit but had to take a break. Really gone down the rabbit hole with the de-essing. Think I'll have to go back and do it manually, can't get rid of the sss's without losing some of the vocal tone.


                  Yeah, I noticed the Vocals sounded quite ess-ey. Haven't got there yet...

                  Cubase decided to change the timing of half the tracks and lost me an hours work. Must have hit one quick key too many.... dangerous things these quick keys.

                  Terry Doyle

                    Great. Will have a go 🙂

                    Rich Zei

                      Taking a crack at this one.

                      Jeff Macdonald

                        Anyone else having as much fun as I am with acoustic guitar bleed in the chorus of the lead vocal track? Holy smokes that was a battle - I ended up splitting the vocals so I could try to get a bit of that acoustic bleed out with a couple notches so it didn't ring like crazy.

                        What a catchy tune though! I can't stop singing along.

                        Chris Sweet

                          Yeah it pokes through real bad. Gotta slice and dice those vocals to try and minimize the bleed.

                          Chris Sweet

                            This song certainly ain't mixing itself. Slowly getting there...

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