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    Rob Simpson

      Yes, that totally clarifies the situation, and the options we have available. Thanks, Chris!


        @Chris Selim Thanks for the advice!


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        Marc Van Der Meer

          Hi @chris Selim!

          Just discovered your videos and your course. Great stuff! I was wondering if you could help me with the following: I'm trying to incorporate some hardware in my setup. Because I don't own much more then a compressor and a preamp, a patchbay is ofcourse a bit crazy. I do however like the possibility of being somewhat flexible and have the compressor available for tracking, but also for mixing. To be really honest, I have always ignored the input channels in Cubase, not knowing what they're there for, besides showing I have a signal.

          Could I just add an external effect and put that on an input channel so that affects all channels on the way in, and move it as insert of a channel after recording (when mixing)? Since I record one track at a time most of the time.

          Or are there benefits of physically go from Mic->Preamp->Compressor->Cubase? And then later reconnect the cables?

          I could of course put it as an insert on a track, but that would mean I have to mix down every track seperately.

          Are there any benefits to one way over the other? Or is it really a matter of preference and aren't there any other benefits from one way over the other?


          Timothy Jones

            Hey Chris, fellow Cubase Pro 10 user, and love your channel for Cubase tips and tricks! Btw, there's a new plugin manufacturer, Nembrini Audio, that has developed a VST of the ProTools Sansamp. I bought it and it friggen rules. I think it's better than Pro Tools sansamp. It has more features, such as a random generator, sort of like Brainworx has in their console plugins (TMT). It's much tighter in the mids and I'm loving what it does on bass. They also have LoFi, modeled on ProTools' LoFi plugin. The owner is Igor Nembrini, who worked with UAD and Brainworx. He will be releasing a Soldano SLO100 amp sim soon. I've been emailing with him just tell him it's about time someone came out with a VST Sansamp (i know there is the free AXP thing, but I have never liked the sound of it) and he's been very nice to me. So I'm letting everyone know what a good startup this is, and his plugins are really top notch. Check it out.

            Chris Selim

              @Marc Van Der Meer Happy you like my channel πŸ™‚ To answer your question if you want to use an external compressor during tracking, record with the compressor Mic->Preamp->Compressor->Cubase, one of the goals on recording with compression is to control the dynamics before the converters. If you insert your compressor as an insert on an Input channel, it will compress after being converted into digital. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

              Chris Selim

                @Timothy Jones Hey Tim, thanks for the info. That sounds great, I will definitely get in touch with Igor and put my hands on this plugin πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

                Marc Van Der Meer

                  Thanks a lot Chris! Did not think about that. Will do that. And then probably re-connect it when I get to mixing. Or buy a ton of hardware so I can justify a patchbay.

                  Michael Garding

                    Anyone else having problems with ARA?? For about a month or so now I cannot locates my
                    Extensions tab in the drop down Audio tab, or in the info bar.
                    Had it a while ago, now just disappeared. I did update melodyne editor 4.2.3 to 4.2.4.
                    EDIT: It's now working, but why did this happen?

                    Michael Garding

                      Hey Chris, Is there a problem you know of with the installer for VST Connect PRo 4.0.42? I just purchased, and
                      installed it (I've tried several times), and it just will not show up in Cubase I'm on 10.5.12). I'm at a loss here.
                      Connect Se shows up in the VST cloud dropdown menu, but that's it. When i go to uninstall with IObit, it shows up as
                      VST Connect 64. when i click on details, there is no file path, which i find strange. It will uninstall and leave me
                      with Connect Se, so at least there's that. Maybe you've heard of some sort of installer problem.

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                      Michael Garding

                        Hey Chris, first of all, thanks for all you do for the Cubase community!! I am seriously thinking about multiple UR824's

                        for my studio. (I currently have an Allen & Heath GS-R24). I usually track full bands and am planning on recording my entire big band (17 piece) for various

                        projects. I am wondering if you can route 4 cue mixes out of UR824 mixer, and 4 additional cue mixes from Cubase

                        using the secondary Ur824. Thanks

                        Michael Garding

                        Edit: I just realized that the video of your 'unboxing' wasn't the UR824, but the UR RT4. (unless you recently bought theΒ  824 and

                        know everything there is to know about it!!!!! LOL)

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                        Christian Baldeon

                          @timothy jones I went to Nembrini Audio web page, but I don't see any SamsAmp emulation. Or maybe it has another name?

                          Thanks in advance.

                          Rainer Busenbender

                            Hi Chris,

                            wondering if you still use the AXR 4, and if you are missing Control Room, and if you still recommend it?



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