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    Adrian Lomas

      Hi Chris and everyone,

      I wonder if someone could help me.  The Cubase Tube Compressor has an internal sidechain function which I like for its HP function.  If, however, I mix into the Waves SSL G master bus compressor on my stereo out, it obviously doesn't have this feature.  What routing can be used to, in effect, create the same kind of internal HP function for the SLL comp?


      Jason Michael Lloyd

        Hi Chris and and all,

        New to mixing. Been using Cubase for composing but not for mixing until now. Is there a playlist of videos in order from beginner to advanced in Cubase to get me up to speed as most of you all? Most of you sound amazing! I do not sound like that. I want to sound like that.


        Alex Paterson

          Hello Jason, there are a lot of Cubase tutorials on the steoinberg site. I also follow guys like Dom Segalas and Chris Seleim on youtube as they work exclusively with Cubase. Greg ondo does a weekly cubase hangout on youtube. We also have the cubase index, searchable video how to's.

          Eddie Lagos

            Hey Chris,

            Do you include stuff for beginners in your courses?


            Chris Selim

              Hey Eddie,

              My Cubase course is for all levels, since it's a course about the software itself. My Cubase Mixing course is also for all levels, but one section of the course is more advanced though

              Ludo Charpentier

                Hi Chris.

                Thanks a lot for all your videos. I learned a lot of things about cubase!

                I have a small question.

                I would like to add a bluetooth speaker as an output for a second control room (kind of auratone sound check:)). Unfortunatly, you can only use one audio interface in Cubase.

                On your side, how do you proceed to listen to your misex on different speakers?

                Thanks for your advices.

                Un grand merci pour tout.




                Chris Selim

                  Hey Ludo,

                  To answer your question, I use an Outboard Speaker Controller to switch from my sets of speakers.  To use a Bluetooth speaker, I would use a plugin called Listento by Audiomovers, it's a monthly subscription though, but it will allow me to stream the audio out of Cubase super high quality and be accessed by using a link that I can open on my phone or computer from any browser.

                  Or maybe you could use a Bluetooth Transmitter that you connect on your Headphone output? Not sure about the sound quality, since I never tried this out.

                  Hope that helps!






                  Ludo Charpentier

                    Thanks a lot Chris!

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