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    Krishna Rao

      Hey guys posting the link to my mix. I haven't submitted it yet. Would love to hear what you guys think! I didn't master it either, this is just the mix, so you might need to boost the levels on your end!




      Magnus Emilsson

        Nice Krishna!

        I like where you have taken the drums, excellent. For my taste the vocal could come up a tiny little bit (0,2-0,4 db) and have little less reverb, it feels a little far back on the "sound stage" right now. Guitars sounds excellent!


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        Zack Passman

          thanks for the feedback guys

          Chris Knowles

            Hi Krishna,

            I agree with Magnus on the reverb, it feels a little too wet to me.  As far as the drums go, being a drummer, I might be a little more opinionated here so take my comments with that in mind 🙂 ... I would consider keeping the half-time feel in the Choruses (backbeat on 3 @140bpm instead of the typical 2/4 @140bpm) - actually, I've considered the song more at 70bpm instead of the listed 140bpm.  IMHO the half-time feel creates some great tension as it releases to the various sections (repeat of Intro2, Primary Bridge, Outro).

            All that said, it was a nice overall mix!

            Patrick Lesser

              So, here is my - maybe - final version... let me know about your thoughts


              Todd Mitchell

                This was a really great track to work on.  A lot of elements that one could choose to feature at any given moment.  Automation all over the place!!  Quite a treat to work on:



                  My version of the mix, some things do not suit me as a result, I do not have enough knowledge, but what happened, it happened.
                  The idea was to treat the source as carefully as possible and make your vision on it.

                  Patrik Larsson

                    Have had 2 sit-downs with this song and this is the result so far.


                    Chris Knowles

                      Hey Serge,

                      I went to listen to your mix but you have deleted that version (I kept having to come back here and update my links when I would add a new version).

                      Don't feel bad, I understand completely. I have gone through a myriad of mixes myself and haven't been overly thrilled with any of them, ultimately getting to the point that I would change one thing slightly and it seemed to throw the entire balance of the mix off.

                      It would be great if we could all get real feedback from Warren and team on our final mixes so that we better understand where each of us could individually improve.  Not sure if we'll ever get there but I guess the real lesson in all of this is that we just have to keep at it.

                      If you post an updated link, I'll be happy to go listen and give you my thoughts for whatever that is worth 🙂

                      Regardless, don't get discouraged!



                        Hi Christopher,
                        Strange, I follow the link and everything is played, probably because of the restriction from spammers there is no access, already one spam comment arrived and I turned on the restriction, now I will switch.

                        Chris Knowles

                          Hey Patrick,

                          Nice balance of vocals and instruments!

                          It did seem a little loud to me but I have been working on the loudness of my mixes so I may be super sensitive to that at the moment but I had to drop the volume to below 50 (using the standard 0 - 100 that the pc offers). Not sure if you have a good metering plugin (I am using TRackS 5 Meter) to help give me better guidance on where the song is heavy and what the overall LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale) rating is.  This has helped me tremendously bring down the overall level of my mixes.

                          Also, it seems really boomy at around 120hz so you want want to see if you can bring down the level there a bit.  Also, Magnus has pointed out to me some harshness in the 4k range. To my comment on loudness above, I actually heard this once I brought all my levels down by several db so that my mix loudness targets were around -6db with a LUFS of -19 to -17.  Then I really heard it.  The lead guitar parts have this almost shrill resonance and when both the lead and rhythm guitars are panned at center it is really hard to control and isolate that noise so I spread the lead and rhythm bus mixes apart with some panning and put a little damping eq on both accordingly.  Also, this made room for my vocals to be a little more aggressive.

                          Finally, not sure if you mastered your mix but you didn't use the chopped vocal at the end and you have about 10 seconds of silence at the end of your track.  Warren has done a really cool video on this where he talks about how to find the logical end of a track and cutting off the rest of the tail (I don't remember what video it was, sorry) but all you need to do is listen to the end of the mixed track and find the logical end (essentially, it is where all sound stops) cutting there and doing a clip fade.

                          Anyway, a lot of verbiage but please take it for whatever it's worth as I don't do this for a living (yet 🙂 ).

                          Great job and keep at it!


                          Chris Knowles

                            Okay PLAPpers 🙂 I think I am down to my final mix with two slightly different mastering models.  I am trying both TR5 Suite and Lurssen mastering plugins to see if I can find a really good groove with one or the other.  I really appreciate all the feedback from those who have provided it so far.

                            I used the same base mix for both mastering models - since I couldn't keep the mastered integrated LUFS below -14 and the real peak below recommended levels, I mastered at a brickwalled peak db of -2 per Spotify's guidance as a target LUFS was hovering in the -13 range on both masters). The Lurssen doesn't seem quite as bright as the TR5 Suite but at this point, I am done with the raw mix and mastering. One of these will end up being my final submission but I am working on an actual remix just in case I hit something that gives me goosebumps 🙂

                            Here are the two candidates 🙂

                            Lurssen - https://soundcloud.com/chris-knowles-323595620/plap-mix-contest-clc-patiently-master-lurssen-final

                            TR5 Suite - https://soundcloud.com/chris-knowles-323595620/plap-mix-contest-clc-patiently-master-tr5-suite-final

                            Let me know which one you prefer and any other feedback you might have!

                            Thanks again for all the feedback!!


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