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    Kian Sparke

      Hey Toby, and everyone! I'm in for this one this month... will do me good to 'go-back' to mixing with Logic's stock-wares... probably been playing with Waves & other plugins too long!!!! Maybe a bit reliant on them....! ??

      Been meaning to do something like this myself - as a learning exercise - so this challenge should be good for me!

      Getting the file to the correct places might be the biggest challenge for me though... still don't really know my way around this platform even now... ???

      All good fun!

      Super-cool! ?


        We await the files..

        Arthur Labus

          We could say - let's freak out and accept the challenge.
          We make the tracks 😀
          Let's say BPM 140 and key Xx and 3:30 duration.
          Every [s]Avenger[/s] challenger make a track, completely BLIND.
          Then we throw all together 😀
          Worst case - it could be "too bad" ....

          Jason Davenport

            That could be some very interesting music Arthur! Or it could be horrible, but it still would be interesting 🙂

            Viv Paton

              One easy, but fun, version might be a mastering competition, using Warren's supplied mix.

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              Sean Johnson

                Hey all,
                Decided to give this March DAW challenge a shot with Kaedyn's song.

                As I'm still new at this I'd appreciate your thoughts.

                Here's the forum feedback post:

              Viewing 6 posts - 25 through 30 (of 30 total)
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