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      3rd mix in a row where I've noticed the weight on the lows in the percussion. Begin to think I've wimped out on my mix πŸ˜‰

      Nice stereo from the get go. Like the 'wetter' approach to the vocals. Might need a touch less to give a bit more definition to the vocal. Just a touch - or perhaps low pass it a little more to allow the dry signal a bit more of the highs. Adjusting the Q will ease off a few more highs in the 'wet' without dulling it out too much.

      Guitars come in with a little too much low mid. Kinda washing across the mix. But the additional width works nicely.

      I like how alive this mix feels. This feels like a group of people coming together to make music. This has some real excitement to it.

      I like this a lot. Needs some tidying to be sure - but a very decent static mix. Great work!




        Good sense of depth in this mix. Perhaps a little too narrow in the beginning for my tastes - but I like how much depth you've managed to get into it.

        Liking the use of the vocal FX tracks to get a sense of air/depth around the lead vocal.

        Nice automation work going on between the lead vocal parts on the guitars.

        Interesting approach to the bridge. Kinda cool. A bit subdued - but helps to contrast the chorus nicely.

        Bass could do with a touch (of/more) automation to tighten it up a little. But the level is good.

        Cool mix! Interesting alternative choices in there! Nicely done!


        Tim Ellifritz

          Totally enjoy listening to everyone's mix. Thanks for listening @Tobi and the suggestions, I appreciate that a lot. Going to let it sit for a while and then come back and see what I can improve and apply some automation. This is an interesting, challenging way to mix. Yeah, of course the effects are a tad too much, it was the last thing I did. Doesn't it always go that way? πŸ™‚

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          Erik Duijs

            Thanks for your feedback Tobi! Not just for my attempt, but it's very interesting to read your insightful thoughts on all mixes here.

            It's a very cool challenge that forces you to get more out of (even less than) the very basics, and super interesting to hear everyone's take on it!
            What helped me a lot is to play with the slopes of the high-pass filters and found that a gentle 6dB slope at higher-than-usual cut-offs is useful to brighten things up (but it's all still a compromise).
            I'm guessing HPFs/LPFs that have resonance are not allowed but I think they would've been quite useful for this challenge! πŸ™‚ (I promise I didn't use those)


            Paul Wickham

              Thank you Toby both for the idea and the feedback. πŸ™‚


                Agreed. Yes, I've found playing with slopes on the hi/low pass filters has been very useful. And I'm just using the ones built into Cubase's mix console - so pretty basic. It's interesting how much you can bring out of the sound just by adjusting simple things. Very useful exercise. Glad everyone is enjoying it!

                Should have time to finish my mix off tomorrow - once the Automation opus is complete.


                Alexey Soloviev

                  Tobi if you have some time please write your feedback about my mix. Because would like to know your and PLAPPERS opinions to learn more from you great people πŸ™‚

                  Erik Duijs

                    Hey Alexey,
                    Very nice balance in especially the vocals, and I like how the lead vocals 'pop'.
                    There seems to be a bit of build-up in the low end though, making it in general sound a bit muffled to my ears (except for the lead vocals). Perhaps I'd try some gentle high-passing in the backing vocals and acoustic guitar.
                    Great work though, and these are just my thoughts, fwiw πŸ™‚


                    Ján Karchňák

                      Hello everyone,

                      I thought this might be fun and downloaded the tracks. And indeed, it was an interesting challenge! Here is my attempt: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XO792F7fI0iZL1GiL6iypDssstnwu2-G

                      Edit: I struggled with clipping - I can't quite figure out why vocals have this nasty clipping and how to get rid of it.


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                        Here's my mix. V. interesting challenge. Used all the tracks with the exception of the Guitar Bus. I did something a little different with the guitars so it wouldn't have made sense. ..main challenge was controlling the dynamics with fader auto. I love the fidelity of the fader rides - but wow, is it time consuming.



                          I'll catch up with the mixes I haven't heard yet tomorrow. It's past midnight here and I blew my ears out listening to 200 tracks for Fresh on the Net.

                          Thanks to everyone who's been participating.


                          Mark Holden


                            I've had a listen to the mixes great to hear the differences even with these limitations.

                            I'm noticing those that tackle the sibilance the vocal loses a bit of brightness/air. My choice is to go down this road with some Low passing (hence the loss of air/brightness) I'm preferring this to editing the the vocal which I did start with but without the use of the compressor after editing things weren't sounded quite right.

                            One thing I had to keep in check was not cutting with the EQ as that Acoustic needs it for that rattle/buzz.

                            The Djembe is just great and those Electrics (the later ones) great for adding rhythem as well.

                            I left out the bussed tracked and the Di's everything else is in there πŸ™‚

                            May revisit/add some panning automation not sure yet so posted progress soundcloud downloads enabled.



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