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    Magnus Johansson

      Headsup for another mixing contest at audioschoolonline.com

      Song to mix is this

      Marcus Mittil

        Thanks for posting! Will take a stab at this if I have time before the deadline (busy with family and studies here).

        Anyone else gonna make a go at this one?

        Andrew Mckenzie

          hmmmm.... 4 days to download the tracks on super fast Aussie internet and 1 day to mix, might be tight. 🙂


            Thanks for posting ! I'll take a swing at it.

            Marcus Mittil

              Would be super cool if someone would give an ear and some feedback (easy to loose perspective when mixing for a longer period of time). Did the mixing yesterday and today, very first version of it here.

              I'm a little unsure how much "pre-mastering" I should do, now I pumped up the volume quite much. But one of the prizes is mastering of the track, so I guess at least then you would have to send one without limiting and maximizing. What's your take on loudness when it's competitions?

              I must admit I did not like the song, especially the vocals. Can't really stand the super autotuned and processed vocals, would have rather made my own artistic choices as a mixer on how to do vocal processing. But was quite fun to mix none the less. Far from my own genres!

              Would love to hear some versions from you people!



                Amacca, and anyone else struggling for download speed....

                At least half of the .rar file is free plugins from the Plugin Alliance, that you can download anytime :


                I took the plugins out and uploaded just the tracks to my dropbox :


                I checked the reference track against the one in the original download and they match in terms of length and sound the same to my ears. Reduces to the file size to 215MB. Hope that helps!



                  Nice mix! Like the panning on the synth! Vocals are set nice and the tone is great (considering all the 'bundled in' wacky effects). Guitars are spiky and metallic - like it! Snare is tight and punchy.

                  Feels a little toppy, but not by a lot. Maybe just a bit 'in the ear'. 3kHz - 7Khz and 4.5 Khz dips might help?

                  Bass seems a little 'submerged'- kinda comes and goes.

                  Overall, balance is nice, good energy - very tight mix.

                  Marcus Mittil

                    Cool with a re-upload Toby! I think anyone who wants to participate must initiate the original download to get your name in though (but ofcourse you don't need to complete the download then).

                    Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and comment on my mix! I agree with your pointers. Bass was tricky, was very uneven volume. I have lots of compression and even a dynamic eq to try to battle it. Will have to have another go on it.
                    I still think vocals are a bit too sibilant, but I don't think I can reduce it any more now. Didn't like them at all with all processing already done.

                    Did you find that ambient kick too heavy? It was good on my monitors and headphones, but on my Bluetooth speaker it's waaay too boomy. If you didn't notice though, I guess it might be just the Bluetooth speaker (it is very bass heavy).

                    Will definitely try cutting some 4khz! Thanks again!


                      My solution for the ambient kick, was to cut a lot of them out. It's like a wave of mud.... really tricky to mix.

                      Honestly, I think it's waaaay overused in the track. I don't think it's a 'mix problem', i think it's an 'arrangement problem'.

                      Here's what I have so far :


                      My usual stripped down style of mixing. 😉 Cut stuff out. Moved the Ambient Kick about.

                      I think I remember you saying in a post that you're a drummer. I'd be interested to hear what a drummer thinks of the drums?

                      ...I find them really bland. I quite like the track, but the drums are kinda middle of road, indie not much.

                      I added a gated reverb to the kick and snare to give them some scale.... buuut, I think I might need to do the same for the Overheads - otherwise the drum kit will feel 'disconnected'.

                      Opening Vocals sound a little bright to me at the mo'...

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                      Andrew Mckenzie

                        Thanks Toby, it's all good mate, my internet isn't fast but it's not really that bad lol....just a joke for other Aussies. 🙂 I'll have something done before the deadline.


                        Marcus Mittil

                          Toby, really nice take on the song. Indeed quite stripped down, especially the start of the song, but it worked out really well. Nice punchy drums, especially liking your snare. Guitars sound really good too, very clean. Vocals are a bit wet for my taste, but I like them to be more upfront rather than "into the track". Really nice job on this one!

                          Sorry to disappoint you, I'm not a drummer 🙂 singer and guitarist here (mainly acoustic nowadays). I didn't like much at all with this song, just not my cup of tea. But was fun to mix anyway!

                          Hope to have some time this evening for mixing, but it's gonna be a busy day so let's see.

                          Anders Isberg

                            @marcus - I like the mix. It is a bit too bright in places and the ambient kick is very boomy. It's a battle getting the vocals right. I think de-essing in stages will be needed. With a few tweaks you should have a great mix, though.

                            @Toby - Can't find the file. The link doesn't work for me.

                            I just downloaded this yesterday evening and as usual haven't had much time to work on it. So, this is just a rough mix of my ideas. Tons of stuff to do with eq, compression, de-essing, panning and automation before it's done. I wanted to do something a bit different with this. A remix of sorts without making it into a EDM track.


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