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    Jon Burns

      I fully agree with the SM7 & 414 choices.

      I've some tips for budget-friendly options if you're after a selection
      of decent tools (second-hand). Hopefully this'll be useful & save someone
      hours of research 🙂

      I use an Equitek E100 as my '414 equivalent'. It's one of the original ones -
      I've not tried the reissues.

      If I need an 'SM7-ish' vibe, I put a foam wind-shield on my SM57.

      The Violet Designs Black Knight is great for backing vocals and is built like
      Titanium Toilet.

      Jon Burns

        The Reslosound RB ribbon mic is amazing for any vintage/soul/rock application.
        You've probably seen it in old black & white photos of The Beatles and Stones
        CHECK IT OUT
        I got mine from xaudia
        with the 'modern' impedance mod. It sounds great through a tube amp, which I
        don't have, but I run a send/return (a real physical one!) through a 2ube
        I used to do this with my live vocals through a PA and it's great.

        All these mics AND the 2ube for less than £1000.

        For the record, my mic-pre's are a Neve portico and the 2 that come with my Yamaha i88x
        interface, which are derived from the Yamaha DM2000 mix console. This is a pretty
        'secret weapon' interface as it took 2 years for driver issues to get sorted so it never
        really took off. It also has 2 inserts & an addition 6 ins/outs. The converters are
        astounding (to my ears) - it was as though I'd upgraded my monitors!

        Sorry about the 'my equipment' tangent but it's in the hope that it'll be helpful
        to anyone with a mismatch of equipment-lust to pocket-depth!!! 🙂

        Cool regards, Jon.

        Jon Burns

          P.S. This is a little off-topic but the Reslosound is unbelievabe about 8-inches from
          a guitar speaker, facing the middle of centre and edge. 🙂

          Mario Maslik

            Anybody any experience with Peluso P12 (a C12 clone) on vocals?
            Thank you

            Maurice Beekman

              Is anyone using the Slate virtual mic system (VMS)? I'm in serious doubt to buy the system with the audio interface and extra mics for e.g. drums. It seems a very good system with very close simulation of a bunch of great mic's. (Warren did try it and was quite impressed). I rather hear it from someone on the forum then from internet testimonials. Otherwise i'll be the first one probably 🙂


                So it's been a while since I posted this question. Thanks for all the advice. I actually went with a Flea 47, SM7 and a Mojave MA-200. Haven't actually used the Mojave on vocals yet but plan to soon. Been using for overheads and room mic instead. There's sooo many great options to choose from these days.

                I heard the Flea against the Slate VMS at a shootout in a local studio. In blind test I picked the Flea. It just had that extra something. Who knows, if different singer, perhaps I may have picked the Slate instead. It is really cool.

                I'm still wanted to try out a 251 style. That Manley Gold sound awesome.
                I also purchased a capsule from Tim Campbell to build a C12. If I can ever find the time!

              Viewing 6 posts - 25 through 30 (of 30 total)
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