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      We have something very exciting coming up, but we can't tell you what it is... yet!

      All I can say is that we want to showcase our community’s studios, big or small, what gear you use, and show how great music can be made in any space!


      How can you be involved? Easy, just follow these simple steps:

      1. Take a couple pictures of your desk/gear. Can be with your phone, but we recommend tidying up if needed to make it look it’s best ?
      2. Create a topic in this forum with your photos & information (info description below!)
      3. Topic should be titled (NAME_Studio Submission) - Obviously put in your name!

      Information to include on your post:

      • Your Name
      • Photos of your Studio
      • Where your studio is based
      • Your Bio (Doesn't have to be long)
      • DAW of choice
      • Genres you primarily work with.
      • Favorite Plugins
      • Gear List (doesn't have to be 100% complete!)
      • What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently (full list)
      • Facebook & Instagram Links
      • Any other cool things about your studio we should know? Is it in an old church? Does your gear have history? Anyone notable recorded there? Etc.


      We want to feature your studio on the PLAP Facebook and Instagram Accounts!

      1. Post your studio photos on Instagram
      2. Tag @ProduceLikeApro and @WarrenHuart in the photo (And caption)
      3. Add a caption to your post. It can be your bio, or about your studio!


      Justin Carty

        Justin Carty

        Finacial Supporter and operator of TInshack Recording Aberfoyle Scotland U.K.

        There have been 3 incarnations firstly with an Idock and iPad using GarageBand in the spare room which due to my wife's love of sleep didn't work, so upgraded with saffire pro 26 and MacBook pro moved to the Purpose Tinshack Shed in the rear Garden and Tinshack was born. I then purchased my first SM57 after watching another of WH vids on Youtube and various condenser mics and upgraded the interface to the Saffire Liquid 56 offering additional inputs and upgrades. I then purchased an old and unloved TAC Scorpion from a Studio in Edinburgh which I set about refurbishing with about 40hrs plus on the soldering iron to recap and upgrade the desk. All the while collecting various instruments,Outboard and used Mics from Ebay.I was working on the desk in the disused dinning room/ wifes chill out/therapy room at which point I was granted full possession of that room too.
        So decided to try having a Hybrid control room and live room out in the Tinshack (This DID NOT Work) and moved All into the ex dinning room and with 3 move abouts and construction of a purpose built desk remains the final resting place but space is really tight Ok for a One Man band.

        Have added loads of Stuff too much to list see pics on my Facebook page (will share a link)

        Daw of Choice is Apples Logic Pro X which was a natural step up for GarageBand.

        Have a subscription to the Slate Plugins which were great and also love Waves Abbey Rd Stuff (Massive Beatles Fan)

        Work on any genre of music as I love it all but not so much Rap or Hip Hop

        Gear - Have a fully functional Hybrid Studio with some fantastic analog Outboard which I now prefer to plugins
        Just started to get into 500 series (Chassis Purchased) await more overtime to pay for some modules

        Was Gigging Part time up until last year which really helped pay for gear also run a DJ/Kareoke business with my best friend again helping pay for gear and allowing me access to a good PA (I do the sound and he does the lights) and have invested in a decent live rig which I plan to use with the 500 lunchbox stuff.

        Future purchases and Plans include a Quantum 4848 interface or similar to give better I/O and allow better use of the analog console which is only partially connected directly to the interface and Octopre allowing me 16 in and 20 out but the Patch bays help with that.
        Also want to get some great 500 stuff and even get some DIY kits to boot.

        Love the Help and Community here at the PLAP academy and has really started helping me to better my music and mixes.

        Thanks JC

        Paul Motion

          Studio is probably something of a stretch but like many of us I’m able to make music on my laptop..
          Eucon companion app, ipad mini
          Mac book pro, 2017, 16Gb ram, quad core 3.1GHz
          Audient iD4 I/O
          AKG K702, ATH M50 & 1MORE triple driver headphones/earbuds with Sonarworks

          If I won the lottery my dream would be to have a small studio with a decent size live rehearsal space to help high school and young bands get decent demos together. Got to have goals! ?

          Derek Whitaker

            Submitted! Looking forward!

            Leslie Pugh

              Leslie P. ..and his .Pocket Studio..
              Location: Bat Cave...((SECRET LOCAL))
              Listed gear: lots of toys/tape machines, software and plugins...perhaps to long to even ponder my time to type half.

              A picture is worth one thousand words they I will be brief.


              Jimmy Pinaitis

                Jimmy Pinaitis - JTV Studios
                Alicante Spain

                Multimusician songwriter producer since 1983
                Actual Guitarist in RadioZ and solo project jimmy the vagabond

                Gear: Audient Id22 - Black lion Audio B173 - Digirack 003 + Factory - Lexicon reflex - M-Audio OZONE - Casio CPS-7
                AT 4033a - Behringer B-2 pro - Sture 58 - Sture 57 - vox amplifier - Fender mustang amp - M-Audio BX5a Monitors - AKG 240 Studio Headphones

                DAW : pro tools

                Genre: Pop - Rock - Sing and songwriters -

                Favorit Plug Ins: Slates All Accespass - Plugin Alliance - Waves MV2

                i got my eyes on some microphones mainly lewitt and the SSL 2


                Paul Hird

                  How do you include photos? There is no obvious way to do it.
                  Stay well!!!

                  Paul Motion

                    Hey Paul, I think you need to use the IMG button and then insert the link? HTML old skool....

                    Drew Cullis

                      My little corner of the world in Denver, CO.... mostly Presonus (Studio One 5 DAW, Firestudio Project interfaces), plus some other stuff for audio restoration, ubiquitous too many plugins, DW & Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, many snares. Decent mic selection with Rode, Blue, Audix, Shure, AKG mics. And, yes, the bottle with the yellow cap is the glue for my mixes. 🙂


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                      Tim Temple

                        just a thought, but... why not an option to upload images in a show off your studio thread?

                        Sandro Stahl

                          hello produce like a pro-team, hello academy-members,

                          my name is sandro, i am based in germany and i´m a lifetime member since yesterday.

                          i´m 50 years old and my hole life i was making music. i was playing drums and a bit guitar and my first paid gig i had at the age of 12.

                          about 3 years ago i was getting sik, so i can not play myself any instrument. after a while sitting in the corner i got intersted in mixing

                          and bought cheap equipment just to give it a try. and i loved it from the first minute on.

                          since that time i am building up my equipment and my bedroom-studio and mix just for fun.

                          a short time i was thinking i can make an income with mixing, but my sik body can not handle this day by day.

                          i´m at least 6 times a year in the hospital, sometimes one or two days, but sometimes also 5 weeks and more.

                          so, as long as i can mix songs for myself, i will do it. just for fun.

                          the genres i like are rock, rock and rock´n roll (i´m an old man!).

                          sometimes i can also deal with punk, metal, pop or reggae.

                          stay healthy dear community!


                          Paul Motion

                            Hey Sandro, welcome to the academy. Cool set up.. that's some serious baffling!! 😀
                            Really sorry to hear about your sickness but it sounds like you're making the best of the situation and you couldn't do much better than joining the academy... especially for learning and being able to help others!

                            If you haven't already, check out the FAQs as a way to navigate around the place.
                            FAQs -

                            Look forward to hearing your work and hopefully helping out on your journey!


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