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      Always happy to interact with the people on this forum.. its always educational.

      I have used Cubase for a long time, and tbh its still my main DAW. Its stable and work flow is pretty darn good... I have never had reason to concern.

      Basically I discovered a Marvellous youtube channel, and decided to take advantage of the monthly rental system that was being offered, I had just bought the upgrade to 8.5 Pro. It was purely an educational choice to spark some creative juices. Also our Bass player was using and older version and I felt I needed a better understanding of Pro Tools.

      I have to admit it blew me away straight off the bat. There are simple things that Cubase does and Pro Tools doesn't but that's part of the learning process I guess.

      I find when using audio, protools is just more efficient and easier to manipulate, the ways the effects and various buses interact makes a lot of sense, to me anyway, even to the use of the Print Tracks and Aux buses.. simple and well laid out.

      The way the hardware interface bolts into protools seems to be better too.. I use a MOTU 828Mk3 Hybrid, and it can be a bit hit and miss. With Pro Tools its just stupidly easy to control and stable beyond belief. I often get spikes and audio drop out using Cubase 8.5 Pro on a M2/ 64GB/ I7/ Windows 10 pc. Cubase has been so unreliable recently I purchased an I7 Mac Mini to run it on. its made little difference.

      Pro Tools dosnt have that issue, and I have never been caught out with spikes or drop outs, I'm not saying that they don't happen its just they haven't ever done on my pc.

      Cubase is sublime with Midi work, the VST instruments are brilliant and its very very usable, and as a combined DAW its pretty much up there.

      SO basically I have a shifting allegiance to Pro Tools 12.4 from Cubase 8.5. maybe one day it will replace but until then.. I'm happy either way.

    Viewing 13 post (of 13 total)
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