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      Just begun learning the Pro Tools system, although I have had a bunch of experience with Cubase. I was wondering if you more experienced PT users could point me to a beginners level tuition. Learning huge amounts from Warren and various other web resources but I'm missing the simple stuff.

      PT 12.4 and loving it.

      Steve A

        I may be able to help with that..
        This is a series that was done a few years ago, and it may not be as professionally produced as Lynda and Groove3, but god-bless this guy, going through all of this trouble to create these.
        I was in the same boat as you recently, coming from Mixcraft.
        I think the guy has moved on to other topics, but the whole PT series is still up and running..
        Link to his channel were you will find them:


          Thank you

          I hadn't seen that one, and its absolutely what I am looking for. Its really the simple things that I am used to like setting locators etc, just the things that you take for granted then miss when you are starting afresh.

          Thanks very much

          Lee Hawkins

            Groove 3 have some really great content on ProTools, but you could also try MacPro Video.

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              Thanks Lee, I'll check them out. Much appreciated.

              Kaleb Treacy

                Don't know how simple you want to start with but there's a 2 part tutorial with a guy named Tim. It's like a final piece to graduate audio school for him so it's super in depth of the basic things, shortcuts, what the functions are etc. There's parts where he goes a bit further in depth but I highly recommend it to people new to Pro Tools.


                Victor Ciampini

                  I learned a lot by watching a Groove 3 tutorial by Kenny Gioia (may have misspelled his name) about his mixing process. It was not pt tutorial per se but he works on pt in the vid and in guiding you thru his mix flow he uses pretty much everything pt has to offer, editing, elastic audio, markers, keyboard shortcuts, grouping, etc etc.



                    Thanks Kaleb, I seen this video lesson before, Loved the keyboard at the start.. Its exactly what I was looking for.



                      Thanks Vic

                      The keyboard shortcuts are proving to be my Achilles heel, I'm a windows user (Win10) so they don't all tie up. But I love me a challenge!

                      Steve A

                        I'm on windows as well, I found this site pretty useful:
                        You can PDF it, print it, whatever.

                        But after going through, and wearing out my third set of shortcut stickers (they don't last) I finally just broke down and ordered this:
                        Yea I know it's pricey, but it's very well made, (metal etc.)


                          Cheers Mate,
                          I had one of those keyboards for Cubase, it was very handy.. I forgot all about them. I was just about to buy a new keyboard too.

                          Perfect link.. thank you so very much. I also discovered the Keyboard short cut docs on the pro tool site. so lots of memorising to be done.

                          Thanks everyone your help has been very welcome and greatly appreciated.



                            Can I ask you just out of curiosity, what made you jump from Cubase to Pro Tools? I'm trying to do the opposite now and just wondering what attracted you to PT.


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