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      Nice rich tones....

      Drums are nice and weighty - perhaps could do with a bit more definition... feel a bit 'thuddy'

      Like the way you've done the 'gang vocals'. Different from the original mix.

      The guitar on the left hand side feels a little detached from the mix.

      It's interesting, it's denser than your usual mixes.... you usually go for more separation than that. I like it... gives it a laid back, band feel...

      Ending is very nice... everything gets that little lighter and drifts away.

      The overall feel of the mix is working well for me... feels nostalgic and melancholic. The vocal tone is great. Felt a little up front on the HS7s... but a better level on the mixcube.

      Listening to it again on the mixcube... if you haven't already check the mix on a laptop speaker or earbuds... feels a little 'scooped out' on the mixcube. High frequencies are nicely managed - usually it's the mixcube that brings out any harsh frequencies or 'toppy mixes'.

      That violin is really nicely EQ-ed... typically violins sound like nails on chalkboards through the mixcube... but it sits very nicely in the mix.

      I think the direction is spot on. The broad strokes are all there. The challenge will be to bring a little more precision and definition to the mix, without losing the overall feel you've achieved.

      Chris Sweet

        Cool thanks. With this many tracks its hard to get my usual level of separation. I've tried to bring stuff in and out of the mix when it's interesting. Gonna check the mix in the car to see if it's working how I think it is. First draft is usually rubbish lol

        Arthur Labus

          That's very good point guys.
          How do you deal with grotboxes and car audio, even if you know - there is something "that brings out any harsh frequencies or β€˜toppy mixes". Even on "normal, professional" cd's or broadcasting (MP3 too).
          Do you try to get it "all clear" for that listening situation, or compensate it with knowledge about your audio system ?

          Chris Sweet

            My monitors translate remarkably well to my car. The mid range is very accurate. Sometimes I'll check on my mixcubes to make sure there's enough energy on smaller speakers.

            Just checked my mix in the car and I gotta back the bass off a little. Otherwise it sounds as expected. Kinda sad, kinda boring. Not bad but not as exciting as it needs to be to win.


              Great point Arthur... I'm still working out what tells me what...

              ....for example, seems like if the vocals are too low on my HS7s, but a bit too loud on my mixcube... that's usually about right πŸ˜‰

              ...mp3 player and earbuds helps to check dynamic range and if there any high frequencies mixed too loud...

              Low end and reverb tails in particular are difficult on my setup - usually have to check with my M-70x's...

              and there's a weird high (ish) region that I struggle to get right... definition on drums etc... seems to shift about a lot - hard to explain what I mean.


                Yeah... lots and lots of tracks... just been working on drums and bass... gonna have a listen on earbuds, while I'm walking the dog... see how wrong I got it πŸ˜‰

                Chris Sweet

                  Gotta get yourself the MSP7's mate. I'm telling you. I had all the same problems with my hs7's. I hardly use the mix cubes now.

                  Chris Sweet

                      Drums are great - really nice weight to them... sound really deep and toneful

                      Brass comes in really nice... much more 'wow factor' to this mix...

                      The stereo is placement is working really well...

                      drums could come down a bit 3.17 in... the track gets lighter, but drums do not... maybe an eq thing rather than a level thing??

                      Violin is maaaaybe a touch low... but hard to tell on my setup...

                      The brass might come in a touch heavy... but not by much... feels a little 'driven' for such a laid back track... bx_refinement or similar might help to just ease the edge off.

                      Could make a little more of the organ...

                      Buut... overall, pretty great mix.

                      ...just listening to the original to compare... I prefer the violin and the mix of instruments that comes through on the original.... but your drums are working much better for me... I prefer your vocal as well - too much reverb on the original for my taste.

                      Your mix feels more modern... more hip hop influenced (if that makes any sense??). The original has a more indie feel to it... apart from the vocals which are mixed much more upfront than in your mix - a tad too much, I'd say.

                      Ain't no bad thing, Chris, when I can listen to the orginal mix and not only does yours stand compare... it actually has the original beat in one or two areas. my taste anyway.

                      Chris Sweet

                        Thanks Toby. I swear we have the same brain. I thought the brass could come back a hair and the violin up. And yeah, there's parallel compression on the drums I bring up on the chorus to add a little extra thump, but I think I forgot to pull it back on that quiet section. Good catch. I think this ones gonna be special. I'm pretty pleased with it. Thanks for the feedback!


                          lol... we may have the same taste... after listening back to my mix, I'm pretty sure we don't have the same talent πŸ˜‰

                          I get the impression with the Pensado mixing contests... it's better to submit earlier than later and then work 'the room' as it were - comment on other people's mixes and build some traffic for your own mix.

                          Chris Sweet

                            Latest revision. Added a little beef to verse vocals. Made a few level tweaks. Added a dirty bass double to the chorus just to get some energy there.


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