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    Jared Sherman

      Whoops I missed that you said you got the ART. I hope it works out really well for you!

      Kaleb Treacy

        Haha cheers buddy! Still appreciate your advice. I'll keep it in mind for future gear (can never have enough), and as everyone's raving about the RNC range, I may have to do some investigating 😉

        Chris Sweet

          I use a pair of WA76 for tracking. No delay, but I don't use them at mix down. The UAD stuff is just as good. But I've taken Warrens advice for getting some iron in the front end and the WA76 is perfect for this.

          Lee Hawkins

            UAD 1176 as good as the WA76.. Well...that's subjective really as it depends on the material thrown at it. Personally I only use the WA76 for Bass and Vocals because it adds a depth and thickness to those which I cannot get from plugins. Same with the EQP's. I cannot get the same results.

            Chris Sweet

              The UAD rev d might not beat it, but I love that blue stripe on vocals. For bass I usually end up with the CLA-3A on. But again, I like the WA76 on the way in to get that weight if I'm doing the recording.

              aka setkya

                These guys make nice 500 series compressors,
                Joe Beressi likes them alot,
                about $310USD
                All their other 500 series are very nice

              Viewing 6 posts - 25 through 30 (of 30 total)
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