Academy Dashboard Forum Production Recording Techniques Does anyone here suffer with annoying guitar resonances?

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      I just tried this out, and I think I got it!!!

      What I don't understand is how I failed to find those frequencies, after you pointed them out it became painfully obvious, in-fact I found the 3750 resonance by myself then checked your post out to find that we both found the same problem, I'm not sure if I would have found the others though but the 3750 cut did most of the work! Only thing I found was that I think I can get away without the low pass filter, or at least I want to try my best and stay away from it if possible as track is quite sparse and want to keep as bright as possible.

      I can't try to finish the mix right now though because have no time but I am sure I can work with this! You nailed it I think, thanks sooo much! I feel like an idiot to be honest because spent a long time trying to sort this out.

      What I am unsure of though for now, is after compression and other processing to get it to sit in the mix that the resonance frequency doesn't dominate again. But I will give this a damn good go tomorrow I hope.

      I'm sure glad you saw this!

      Now next time, trying to figure out a way to eliminate it from the tracking process will be worth looking into!

      What I wrote above doesn't emphasize enough how extremely grateful that you have shown me a good workaround.


      EDIT: Those screenshots were very helpful, clear as day. Cheers!
      EDIT2: Massive props to Arthur as well, you guys are legends.

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      Arthur Labus

        Comme on James. Glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel 😉
        BTW i also have captured Soundcloud with Audacity LOL

        Andrew Mckenzie

          Your most welcome James,

          I'm not entirely sure how to deal with this sort of thing when tracking such a resonant instrument. The frequencies seem to wander depending on temperature, humidity etc and sometimes it's just a matter of positioning the mic a little different.

          Maybe try aiming the mic up the neck a bit more and away from the sound hole and body which produce more of the resonance.

          I don't think compression should be too much of a concern as long as the resonance peaks are flattened out around the same level as the rest of the sound but would probably use parallel compression and blend it back in anyway.



            Yep. You won't notice those tones until you record it, but the part of the strings between the nut and the winding pegs "sing"....for lack of a better term. Play your guitar and ask someone to gently press their finger against the strings above the nut and the tones go away. Clearly you can't record like this, but you can find a "scrunchie"'s a pony tail holder. Cloth rubber band? You get me. Wrap it around the headstock of the guitar enough to dampen the strings, but not so much you pull it out of tune. That should take care of it. This is for acoustic guitars. I presumed that what you were talking about.

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