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    Jeff Macdonald

      I would check out the Lindell Audio 10 space rack - I picked one up for $399USD and it has not let me down, it's by far the least expensive rack I have seen - I think they also make smaller ones. The build quality is excellent and it has all Neutrik connectors.

      Jared Sherman

        I was asking David Barrett at SoundPure about the Lindell and he recommended me away from it. I think I am going to go with the Purple or the Heritage when I eventually get one. I am glad it is working well for you though, because you are right that $399 for 10 slots is amazing.

        Jeff Macdonald

          @timmymac After a huge delay, I finally got some drum tracks with the vp312s. How would you like me to send them along? I can upload a drums only session to drop box, or print a stereo oh file for you. I'll also include all the details on how I set up so you can get a more objective opinion.


            Awesome! Dropbox works for me. Looking forward to it. What mics did you use??

            Jeff Macdonald

              I just hung a diffuser and some broadband absorbers so I will be doing some more tracking this weekend to see how that worked out.

              I will be using a pair of advanced audio CM-12SE's for overheads to see how they fare. I also have a set of CM-414s I am itching to try.

              The existing tracks are done with a heavily modified pair of Marshall LDCs - with a pretty much untreated room with high ceilings.

              I toss both sets up for you with a complete rundown of the signal path/drums used.

              I should be able to get the first set of files up tonight if all goes to plan.


                Cool! I was wonder how those AA mics sound on overheads. Very cool. Looking forward to it!

                Jeff Macdonald

                  Here are the drum files with the untreated room:



                  Signal Paths:

                  Kick In: Shure Beta 52 -> CAPI VP-26 -> dbx 160x
                  Kick Out: S25 -> AML
                  Snare Top: Shure SM57 -> CAPI VP26 -> dbx160x
                  Snare Bottom: Shure SM57 -> Focusrite Clarett Pre (Air ON)
                  Tom 1: Audix D4 -> Focusrite Clarett Pre (Air ON)
                  Tom 2: Audix D6 -> Focusrite Clarett Pre (Air ON)
                  OH L (Hat), R (Ride) [46.5" from centre of snare): Marsall 2001 Jolly Mod LDC -> CAPI VP312
                  Room L (Hat), R (Ride) [121" from snare]: Modified Chinese 121 rip-offs (replaced ribbons and transformers) -> CP5 Mic pres - no colour applied
                  Room M - AKG414B -> Clarett Pre (Air ON)

                  Everything is running through a Clarett 8PreX all the 500 series are coming in through a SwissSonic AD24 ADAT out to the Clarett.

                  Drums Sonor Force 2007: 20" kick, 12" Tom, 16" floor Tom, Snare 14x5" Supraphonic
                  Heads: Kick: Aquarian Superkick 1 Evans Resonant, TOMS: Evans EC2 top, Resonant Clear bottom, SNARE: Power dot top, evans snare side.

                  Cymbals: Soultone Gospels 14" hats, 17" & 18" Crash, 22" Ride, 17" FX crash.

                  Room is 22' wide 33' long with 14' ceilings with 2 4'x8x8" gobos behind the kit to try to take some of the room out of the close mics.

                  Hopefully this is enough information to paint a picture of what you are hearing in the files.

                  I'll try to get some pictures for perspective once I clean up everything.



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                  Warren Huart

                    Wow! Thanks ever so much for the amazing detail!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

                    Chris Sweet

                      I've got a pair of the VP26's and like them a lot. Especially on guitars and and keys. I usually reach for my neve channel on vocals and bass.

                      Warren Huart

                        Hi Chris, I'm seeing the VP26's every where amongst my friends! I hope you're having a marvellous weekend! Many thanks Warren

                        Jeff Macdonald

                          Is the Neve channel a 1073 Chris? I am looking at getting a 1073 clone very soon for those exact uses. Are you using a 500 series, if so would you mind sharing which one, and your opinion of it?

                          Warren Huart

                            I believe it's an API style Pre. Erik and Bob at Echo Bar, Rob Schnapf and many others love them! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren´╗┐

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