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Jon Burns

    The Reslosound RB ribbon mic is amazing for any vintage/soul/rock application.
    You've probably seen it in old black & white photos of The Beatles and Stones
    I got mine from xaudia
    with the 'modern' impedance mod. It sounds great through a tube amp, which I
    don't have, but I run a send/return (a real physical one!) through a 2ube
    I used to do this with my live vocals through a PA and it's great.

    All these mics AND the 2ube for less than £1000.

    For the record, my mic-pre's are a Neve portico and the 2 that come with my Yamaha i88x
    interface, which are derived from the Yamaha DM2000 mix console. This is a pretty
    'secret weapon' interface as it took 2 years for driver issues to get sorted so it never
    really took off. It also has 2 inserts & an addition 6 ins/outs. The converters are
    astounding (to my ears) - it was as though I'd upgraded my monitors!

    Sorry about the 'my equipment' tangent but it's in the hope that it'll be helpful
    to anyone with a mismatch of equipment-lust to pocket-depth!!! 🙂

    Cool regards, Jon.