Notes taken ! - to be honest some of the stuff just comes out as a timing aid. Your lyrics and your story - it's good to have some insight to help me make sense of what it is about - I can take direction !

    I'm not 100% happy with this version as I had so little time but if I get a chance later tonight I will have another go.

    Will probably have had a bottle or two of "inspiration" so might be a bit more relaxed 😉

    Thanks for the feedback - I'm not the worlds greatest singer but I have a voice of sorts - normally it's belting out Who numbers or Thin Lizzy etc so a nice change. This track is right at my "easy" range so I think I might get more "guts" if it was up a step or two.

    Also I wouldn't underestimate your abilities as a vocalist - don't have to be a great "singer" to connect

    The Neve does sound great - really fat - I should do a comparison.