Craig! Love it! Never heard my lyrics with actual, you know, notes being sung! 😉

    Really nice touches in the verses, gives it a bluesy, soulful vibe.

    Musically your singing of the outro works great, but the part... 'You know, I know, We've got nowhere to go,' ...is written to mean, 'you know and I know, We've got nowhere to go.' Not, 'you know that I know We've got nowhere to go.'

    Does that make sense? 😉 lol! It's such a little thing, but it's central to the story. The lyrics are about that moment when the two of you know, it's over. All that's left, is to accept it.

    'If I knew what to say, I'd say it to you, If you knew what to say, you'd say it too' ...are a 'balanced pair' of lines. The lyrics are about, sadness. No more lies, or blame, just the end.

    ....buuuut, fantastic job. Always been so frustrated by my own crappy voice.... I never get to hear my lyrics sung. This was the first time. And I'll admit, I teared up a little.

    And the Neve sounds gorgeous, all warm and analogue - fantastic quality of recording.