Sergey Skopintsev

    Hello everyone,

    Here's my take: https://soundcloud.com/1textbzsvfji/campaign-like-clockwork-patiently-mix-contest-2020

    Please don't be too strict as this is my second full mix ever 🙂

    When I first heard the original mix I found it too long, too Eurovision'ish (if you know what I mean). too whiny. It was also lacking clear development of the story, so at some points I even couldn't understand what part of the song I'm currently listening to 🙂 So I started off with cutting out the most whiny and boring pieces and muting all the guitar FX tracks. After making some temporary mixes I decided to retrack all the remaining guitars except solo (had only 1.5 hours for that unfortunately) as they weren't complimenting the emotional vocal line good enough.

    What do you think?

    Kind regards,