Todd Mitchell

    Hey all, I just want to say how awesome it is to see everyone helping each other out on this track.  I can't believe we're up to nearly 100 posts on this.

    I feel like one of the most valuable things I get out of PLAP is taking the time to really seriously critique a mix.  There's something really valuable about listening to a track and saying to myself "if this is what I had, what would I do next?".  It's certainly easier when it's a song I've already mixed, but I just did about 10 original tracks and that was really interesting too.

    No matter how novice one might be at this art, there's a point in my mix when it won't be any better than the person who started mixing yesterday.  There's always a point at which I need to give my own work a thoughtful "what's wrong?" and "what's next?".

    If as a community we aim to offer not just "good job" but "good job - have you tried X or can I suggest Y?", we not only elevate our peers with new ideas, we also elevate ourselves in thinking of how to tackle new problems!