Chris Knowles

    Hi Serge,

    As I mentioned in my message, I was going for a much more subdued mix and was attempting to target my loudness by EQ'ing the peaks down.  I realized I risked taking some of the liveliness out of the mix but for me, I feel like I made significant progress.

    I was never happy with the sound of the drum samples Henning used in the stems but decided to go forward with them.  Additionally, the level of the cymbals in all of the "room" stems (OH, Room, Ambient) were not very well balanced and that is why I initially had very little of them in my original mixes.  I did go back and bring them in but never really liked they way they sounded. As for the hats, yes, they were shrill and the EQ I used made them sound more like a tambourine at times but after everything else I was working on, that was one I decided to just leave on the table.

    I appreciate your offer but as I said, I'm good with where I landed on this mix given where I've been in previous contests. This one has been more of a learning process for me than previous contests and I'm okay.

    Thanks for all of your feedback!