Hi Christopher,

    I listened to your new mix, you can see that a lot of work has been done, but it feels like too much, hat sounds like a low-quality sample, the solo part is too low, the vocals have lost a useful component, and the mix itself has become "flat" and "lifeless". There is a feeling that there is too much equalization. I passed through the same pass, most likely it happens due to excessive immersion in the process of this mix and at some stage there comes a fatal mistake, but the mix of "not all processed" and "tired" the head does not hear and does not understand that something is going wrong, but there is still the excitement and time limit (deadline) and I want this work to make a breakthrough, but...

    Soberly looking at the resulting, similar, results, I bitterly admitted the assumptions and reset all work to zero, starting absolutely everything from the beginning, the bare tracks, primary mixing, panning, volume levels... and I didn't try to repeat the steps I had already taken, I just did everything from scratch. I listened to reference recordings, compared how something sounds there and how it sounds in my mix, listened to the instrument or vocals in my mix not solo, but in context, in the whole mix. Worked with breaks etc and surprisingly the mix was the line up should be.

    I hope not offended, I did not have and do not have such a thought and task.

    We make ourselves better.