Felix Rößger

    Hi Guys/Girls, Quick question: am I the only one that thinks the Vocal tracks are far too hard deessed on the print?  i mean..the harmonictrack f.ex. . I mean it's one thing to have harsh vocals and deessing them to your liking and having to struggle a bit with it....but "reinventing" sibilance is an friggin annoying task. I mix on Beyerdynamic DT1990Pro which are meant to have exaggerated highs in the 7k area...and even with those....nothing...i think i got smth  but after hearing only darkneeeeffff   slwwweeeepnefff...im not quite sure anymore^^ things I used:  Upward dynamic EQ on hand cut sibilance areas..overall notch eq's..upward compression with Fab-MB...Highshelfes from 4kish with small cuts in 6k-ish and where needed...slates Revival did a bit of work too. much work considering i usually need just a deesser-EQ-deesser chain next to classic EQHighboost-compressor-EQHighAtten. RawMix with Quickmastersettings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vkz3qql178964zi/Campaign%20Like%20A%20Clockwork%20-%20Patiently%20mp3.mp3?dl=0