Todd Mitchell

    Hi Dan, great job here!

    A few thoughts:

    - vocals in the verse and pre-chorus are taking a little too much backseat for me.  The low harmony is perhaps just a touch too audible - are they going through reverb?  If so, I think that's the problem - the tail feels too long.

    - ironically, the end vocal starts with the least amount of ambience, so it's the first vocal part that feels in your face

    - in the chorus, the vocal slap-back clouds the part.  You could maybe try putting side-chain compression on it so that the echoes are quiet when they conflict?

    - Interesting EQ choices.  Swirly guitar and lead guitar quite dark compared to your rhythm guitars (which have lots of ~4k fizz).  You've also got a lot of air on some elements which has the effect of putting the spatial sense of the rhythm guitars and the drums closer to the listener than anything else.

    Hope the suggestions are helpful!  Best of luck in the contest!