Chris Knowles

    Hey Serge,

    I went to listen to your mix but you have deleted that version (I kept having to come back here and update my links when I would add a new version).

    Don't feel bad, I understand completely. I have gone through a myriad of mixes myself and haven't been overly thrilled with any of them, ultimately getting to the point that I would change one thing slightly and it seemed to throw the entire balance of the mix off.

    It would be great if we could all get real feedback from Warren and team on our final mixes so that we better understand where each of us could individually improve.  Not sure if we'll ever get there but I guess the real lesson in all of this is that we just have to keep at it.

    If you post an updated link, I'll be happy to go listen and give you my thoughts for whatever that is worth 🙂

    Regardless, don't get discouraged!