Steve A

    @ Andrew, good mix my friend! I like what you did with the intro, and a lot of other sections of the song...
    @ TG, Hi Tom, I like the refinements you did with the later mixes, with the exception of the drums. That first mix had the drums sounding really good, what did you change with the later mixes, if I may ask?
    I have to agree with Toby here on syklopz' mix, you still have it set at a different sample rate I think. Maybe double check? Hope you sort that out..

    Overall though, no matter if my mix comes out sounding sub-par, I really had fun with this, and it helped me further in my transition from Mixcraft's DAW to Pro Tools.
    I'll be remixing this tune this weekend after listening to Jared's mix again. Dammit! ...hahaa.. (all in fun)

    EDIT: Good lord! After listening to my rough again, the lead vocals are severely lacking body, I need to remedy that ASAP!