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Jared Sherman

    Yes I know he is a hardware guy. I don't know if they accurately modeled each part of his vocal chain in the plugin or not, but that is the intent of the plugin, effects and all. I also don't remember him saying that he actually used his vocal plugin, wasn't he just saying that was the easiest way for most people to get his sound? I am betting the actual hardware chain sounds better. Regardless, you now have the option to see his entire vocal chain when using Slate plugins through this course, and you can see exactly what is going on, and that is a lot more helpful than some plugin that has stuff going on under the hood and you aren't quite sure what it's doing.

    P.S. Waves SSL came out in 2006/2007; Waves analog modeling has improved a lot since then. I have no idea about the quality of CLA Signature, but they definitely have some great models.

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    • This reply was modified 8 years ago by Jared Sherman.