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Frequency Painter

    Hi Stu,

    "have re-done the mix a little"

    A little? You've been working on this for hours, admit it ??. The feel is different, it has more space too, which I like. The stereo synth parts really enter the room and envelop the rest. How did you do that? The only thing I feel that would benefit this mix for the better is the level and punch of the main drum/perc instruments. If you could pull them a bit more forwards and add some dynamic definition... At loud levels on full range speakers all is ok, just when speakers don't replicate the low thump anymore, it all looses a bit of directness and definition. It's a choice of course. The beginning is really beautiful and it most definitely sets the mood of the mix. I liked the rawness and spontaneity of the first mix too.

    And now let's do Sunday Dubs ?


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