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Frequency Painter

    Hi Stu,

    "Great mix, I love it"


    "The space and clarity you achieved is fantastic"

    I like building these soundstages with several layers. It was an interesting experience to fit all aspects of the production into this mix. Extensive cutting of resonances and conflicting frequencies does pay off in the end. It's kind of strange but it makes the mix relax more in a sense and it puts everything nicely together (clarity).

    "Excellent work on the low end too."

    Thx. What I did was kind of simple. Basically, I saturated (distorted to some extend) all low parts and then made them "dance" and "hum" together through balancing and EQing.

    "Really swinging too"

    I adjusted the timing of some tracks indeed. The arp synth got another groove and the shaker was nudged forwards to blend better with the open hihat.

    "This makes my mix sound like a sausage."

    Your mix is different but it has its merits too. It's very creative and the sound is fitting for this genre. I hear some conflicting frequencies in the low mids/lows and they cause a build-up. The (unnecessary) stacking of these frequencies compromises the loudness potential. You could define this effect as "sausage-like" because you try (need) to fit too much into a certain dynamic range. Imo this is where you loose the definition, clarity and separation. If it interests you, we could check the stems of your mix together and find a solution. This could be very educational for both of us I think 🙂

    My best,