Nick Koumoutseas

    [quote quote=47343]Hi Nick -- Wow. It's really interesting and different. In a good way. I love that you left so much out! It makes more room for the fx on everything else. I hear the fx but must confess I don't have enough experience to identify them. Flange? (I don't even own a pedal board. I'm so lame.) And Warren's bass is one of the best things about the song -- he really likes playing bass, you can see it in the video. It's a wonderful thing to feature. Was that a guitar or synth you added? Not listening on my usual headphones and there are fireworks going off outside my window. And you are very good at drum replacement, I think. Although I might be wrong about the "replaced" part. With some massaging (relaxing the fx a bit and blending it all together a little more), could be amazing. : )[/quote]

    Just Lisa! Thanks. I really love this song and maybe it shows. While I mixed and pondered, an image came up over and over again: the stroll... an old bandstand favorite in the late 50's and pre-Beatles.
    Play this video and replace the audio with Side by Side

    I played flugelhorn, trumpet and very jazzy rhodes piano. I added nothing else and I am not sure I took anything out. the TAL chorus is free and so is the cheap Klanghelm compressor (both are on the bass).
    No drum replacement just squashing, parallel everything, gain riding (reverb send automation and volume automation).

    I am going to mix it again later in summer when I am not busy. Your comments will be part of my guidance. That you found it "interesting" is important to me.