Jason Davenport

    Hi Lisa,

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation! Eagle sightings are great. I live on a fairly large lake (40 square miles) here in East Texas, and we have at least 3 nesting pairs of Bald Eagles scattered around. Cool to see them hunting over the water!

    I think sometimes people are hesitant to tell someone something is bad. No one wants to offend. The whole idea of this place is to let several sets of unbiased ears listen to your mix/production and offer honest opinions on them. My family won't tell me if a mix is terrible, they don't want to hurt my feelings. Sometimes I think that filters in to the feedback as no one wants to hurt feelings. If the critique is done with a constructive mindset, most of the time people will take it as such. I have only seen one instance where a guy got upset about a critique in the Academy. When I listen to a mix, I am not thinking about the technical as much as I focus on the creativity, and the energy. If a mix has great energy and creativity, the technicals don't matter as much to me. I had two trains of thought running as to why no one commented on my mix. Either it was so good, that it scared them away 🙂 Or it was so terrible that no one wanted to touch it 😉

    I was actually thinking about trying to move the vocal back a beat as you suggested. That might help the song groove a little better. I did an acoustic version of Little Empire's "Too Bad" and had a similar issue. Warren suggested moving my guitar back one beat, and that made all the difference in the world! Posted this mix up for FF, maybe Warren will give me some suggestions as well!

    Thanks for the reply, and the congratulations! Congrats to you as well, 25 years is a long time to do anything 🙂 They say time flies when you are having fun, but I have no idea where it flies to 🙂 Enjoy the rest of you vacation, and Happy Fourth to you!