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Nick D.

    you can create a folder for all group tracks, however, I keep the groups with the tracks in the respective folder. Now in the Cubase mix window, is where you need to go to set up what you want to see, and use the multiple mixers for different things and pull them up on macros. On Cubase 8 you can also create workspaces, within a project or globally to every project. so you can use the function buttons (I think) and bring up different workspace settings, such as only guitar tracks, or only group tracks, or anything you can think of.

    Cubase does a very similar functions that the video shows. you have to go to the mixer window and all the folders created will be there and you can show or hide any track you want in any mix window. The only difference I see is that in Cubase the folder tracks do not open in the project window from the mixer or vice versa (which I wouldn't want personally because every time you expand. In the mix window on the left of the mixer you should be able to select whatever tracks you want to see with the visibility and zone pane and even change that further under channel types button. If you use actual folder tracks as I was talking about, you can easily expand and collapse and choose within the folder what you want to see in the mix window. with Cubase 8 and the workspace feature you can really expand on that, and it is really easy to setup. currently I just have a tracking, editing, and mixing workspace over global, but I use multiple monitors and do not see the need for more.

    It looks like Studio One sort of uses a bus as a folder track, where Cubase uses a folder as a container, but allows certain edit/record functions for everything within the folder.