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Nick D.

    If you want to do level changes pre bus compressor on a group channel the VCA is the way to go. If you have a group channel I find that the easiest to work with, but you don't have to keep the group channel in the folder is what I was getting at, or you can just have a folder for all the group channels. when I get towards the end of a mix I am doing very minor changes either with a single instrument or on a group channel. I haven't used Studio One.

    If you want to make changes to level why would you go to the folder in the project window? why wouldn't you use the mixer window and just select the track and adjust. Once I have edits complete I only look at the project window to know where I am in the song, and do all adjustments form the mixer. there's no right or wrong way i'm just trying to get a grasp on your work flow and why you would want that. I probably setup my folders way different than you and I have folders with in folders especially with all the parallel compression and aux sends I do, so for me I wouldn't want another level of adjustment, and very rarely would I ever grab everything under a folder to volume automate, since it would totally change how all the compression and fx is set. I typically have everything I want to combine going to a group and then for an instrument like a drum kit I may have multiple sub groups going into a master group. For instance on a snare, I will have a top and bottom close mic, those get combined at an aux, then they get sent to a parallel aux and fx aux and then combined on a group, usually with a compressor, then that would go to a close mic group which gets sent to an all drum parallel bus, all drum reverb bus and a drum master bus, where everything gets combined, until I have a drum kit bus that I can automate as needed. if I tried to automate everything in a folder at once the whole gain staging would be completely ruined. however I do link channels like the snare top/bottom once I like the level between them and then that level gets pushed appropriately into the parallel compression and meet again at the snare bus. I could use a VCA there but seems like it would be a waste when I can link channels. but this is me, I like working like a pyramid I guess so the tracks im actually working with gets smaller and smaller.