sorry guys i couldnt get back in the website for a while

    darkside we looking at q 16 track tape machine,tg12345 desk...you dont have to use the specific plugins just only use an eq that has similar moves...how many fairchilds did they have? pultecs? la2a's ect...in the real world guys would bounce down and commit to free up hardware
    when i was at 8 track stage i had 2 alesis 3530 and a mackie mixer kick snare vocals bass all mono channel. 2 stereo guitars 2 stereo overheads toms keys everything else. 1 3630 did the kick and snare. the other on the output of the mixer into a phillips cd burner

    ...i didnt know any better... thats kinda my idea here just how would we have done it given these tools

    toby i think you are being a respected member and explaining warren would be able to give you heads up

    i was reading last night about reverbs in the eighty's and how studios only had so many boxes or chambers so sometimes there were 13 completely different types on a record

    i suck at saying things this way