Kiptain Kirk!

    I'd been thinking along similar lines. Take a classic album, like 'Darkside of the Moon'. Create a generic Plugin list 'by type' based on their Studio Setup. So, I thiiiink they used an EMT 140 plate on Darkside. So we say, okay, you can use a plate verb plugin. They used Fairchilds (maybe?) so you can use a Fairchild style compressor. Same number of channels to mix etc etc...

    We then use that setup to mix that month's multitrack.

    The downside of that idea, is.. will the multitrack suit the set up. We could ask Warren to pick something subtle in advance or we could just go with the flow. In a way the challenge would be more interesting with the 'wrong track'. 😉


    The more ambitious version of that idea is.. we have a lot of musicians in the Academy. Why not track, mix and master a classic album within the Academy?

    This would have to be a seperate idea and a more long term project. I'm up for it. I'd need some 'co-producers' to help oversee the different areas of the production.

    And with something that involved. I'd be looking to create an Album + Remix / Alternate Versions Album to release via Distrokid. Though we have to factor the costs for that : $10 per track per year. Assume we have a ten track album + 10 remixes = $200 dollars per year. You need a little over 50,000 streams per year on Spotify to just break even on the outlay. Yikes! That's 'do-able', buuuut Spotify is a cruel mistress. Getting onto those playlists can be a soul destroying experience...