Arthur Labus

    Here's my go on that track.
    This is double challenge for me: 7 plugins + final limiter and also tried to use "vintage gear" plugins.

    Plugins used:

    EQ: Code Red Free (Shattered Glass Audio) - EMI Abbey Road REDD.37 console
    COMPRESSOR, SATURATION: BusDriver (Nomad Factory)
    DELAY: Nasty DLA (Variety of Sound)
    REVERB: Stereo Room 2016 (Eventide) - on drums bus only
    TREMOLO: Pecheneg Tremolo - on bass track only

    EQ: BootEQ (Variety of Sound)
    EXCITER: ThrillseekerXTC blue (Variety of Sound)
    COMPRESSOR: BusDriver (Nomad Factory)

    LIMITER: Barricade CM (ToneBoosters)

    Changed the bass run heavily with tremolo. Muted as usual a lot of things.
    No samples - live drums only.

    - eq plugins with 250 bands are overrated (better say, good recordings don't need them)

    Let me know how it works ...

    UPDATE: automated amount of tape delay on vocal, less in general and even less in intro.