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    Maurice Beekman

      Well, i guess 80's style will come back eventually together with leg warmers and keytars...:-)


        Okay. Playlist created. For now, I'll just share within the Academy and send a link to Warren. If you guys are cool with your mixes, I'll promote more widely.

        Usual deal with playlists. Post revision mixes in the thread and I'll update the playlist.




          Version 2!

          Brought the BVox up a touch. Added stops to the outro and a dual filter FX. Changed the ending. Adjusted the attack/release characteristics on the Limiter.


          Arthur Labus

            Here's my go on that track.
            This is double challenge for me: 7 plugins + final limiter and also tried to use "vintage gear" plugins.

            Plugins used:

            EQ: Code Red Free (Shattered Glass Audio) - EMI Abbey Road REDD.37 console
            COMPRESSOR, SATURATION: BusDriver (Nomad Factory)
            DELAY: Nasty DLA (Variety of Sound)
            REVERB: Stereo Room 2016 (Eventide) - on drums bus only
            TREMOLO: Pecheneg Tremolo - on bass track only

            EQ: BootEQ (Variety of Sound)
            EXCITER: ThrillseekerXTC blue (Variety of Sound)
            COMPRESSOR: BusDriver (Nomad Factory)

            LIMITER: Barricade CM (ToneBoosters)

            Changed the bass run heavily with tremolo. Muted as usual a lot of things.
            No samples - live drums only.

            LESSON LEARNED:
            - eq plugins with 250 bands are overrated (better say, good recordings don't need them)

            Let me know how it works ...

            UPDATE: automated amount of tape delay on vocal, less in general and even less in intro.



              really good Arthur
              the vocal at the begining and then at :57 that is my favorite
              liked the panning on the bridge?


                Hey Arthur, really great stuff! Extremely creative with the bass and verb fx, and has a great sound to the whole mix. The only thing that I am noticing is there are some plosives in the intro on the vocal, not sure if you can hear them with your monitors? The reverb on the vocal is cool, just a couple of spots where it gets a little too much for my taste, but generally a nice bit of ear candy. Well done sir!

                Arthur Labus

                  Thanks Kip !
                  Agree, vocal with tape delay is something special 🙂
                  Yeah - panning. My favourite game 😉

                  Arthur Labus

                    Subbed. I am sweet seventeen again !

                    Arthur Labus

                      Thanks Andy for your kind words !
                      There is tape delay on vocal in intro and part without delay.
                      I guessed it was tape delay, so i've automated amount of effect. Hope it was that 😉


                        Yep, that's it Arthur. I mistakenly called it reverb. Sorry for the confusion! I forgot to mention the awesome panning too 😉


                        Arthur Labus

                          You're welcome Andy !
                          But what do you mean with "plosives" ?



                            I just used eq to remove, as it was in the fairly low frequency range that was not needed anyway. If you have a frequency analyzer, you can see where it is.

                            Had another listen and it's not actually plosives, It's something else? Comes in at 0.15. You could automate the eq here so it does not affect the vocal tone that you have. Hope this is helpful?

                          Viewing 12 posts - 85 through 96 (of 122 total)
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