Thanks Chewie!

    I start drums, bass, vocals (not always in that order). Try to get the core elements working and check the dynamics.

    I separate the vocals up, based on how the singer 'delivers the line' (filmmaking background / don't know musical term). Check the Screenshot below of the vocals for Little Empire's Bullet (follow them on Spotify!). Breaking the vocals up, helps me understand the structure of the song.

    Then I work the basic dynamics / EQ of the other instruments. Replace / add / mute / reverse / pitch shift / modulate / automate / saturate / warp / mangle / chop / edit / mess up the instruments, based on whatever I hear in my head.

    Most of the mixing is done at the end. Though I will mix certain elements, if I need to hear how they're working. It protracted, trial and error based and very much about listening to the song and letting it tell you where to go.

    I don't set out to change mixes - as nuts as that may sound. I just listen to the song over and over again, and match the mix to what I hear in my head. Sometimes it changes a lot (i.e. my Locked Up Mix). Sometimes hardly at all (i.e. my California Mix).

    The most important thing is to never force or contrive the mix. Don't get clever. The changes should be driven by emotion. Feel it, don't think it.