Nice job Maurice! I'm a fan of the slate stuff as well...very versatile plugs. Some thoughts as I was listening: Acoustic guitars are nice and present in the intro but they feel a bit too bright to me. I actually went in and notched out 4400 and 9000 cycles on the acoustic guitar that I had panned to the right. Those in particular were tearing my head off. The vocals also tend to get lost a little so maybe backing off on the acoustic guitar and bringing the vocal up would make it feel more intimate. Also, the strummed electric guitar you have panned right seems too hot. Save that energy for the chorus!. Try automating the panning on your guitars to 50% for verses and then hard left and right for choruses. That's a fun way to make the choruses pop. Snare drum sounds a little choked. I like the pop though. Did you use the DBX on that? Could use some more body. Try boosting some 150-160 cycles. That will fill it out some more. Check the panning on the toms and also the HH if you are using it. Try listening to the OH's in solo before you mix the drums so you can hear how things are lining up in the stereo field. Seems as though they are audience perspective this time which would put the FT on the left and RT and HH on the right. Might as well use the OH placement to your sonic advantage.