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    Maurice Beekman

      Sounds really good to me. Like with you did with the vocals only on "memory" at 2:47.
      No idea what plugins you used. I can hear the deesser kicks in to hard sometimes giving the vocal a bit of a lisp (e.g. at 1:36). But i have the same problem in my mix. Let me know what plugins you used!

      Maurice Beekman

        Well, here is my version of this challenge. Plugins i used:

        Slate FG-N Brit EQ
        Slate FG-401 VCA Compressor
        Steinberg Stereo enhancer
        Soothe vocal processor
        Waves dbx-160
        Slate VBC FG-MU
        Verbsuite Classics

        + Izotope Maximizer/limiter on the masterbus



          tgmix i have no idea of your plugins used i have no doubt i probably have never even had the chance to hear them(alot of you have really nice stuff)
          now your mix i love the memory part ...incredible my first impression is that the end of the song seems more dynamic wise then the beginning that is my only criticism... good warm fuzzy saturation in the vocals i just love that stuff

          i like the tones you got on the vocal ...but its really low in the mix for me
          the snare is a little papery but the kick i really dig
          but guitars again are sound pretty good ...i think some balancing of faders this mix really pop ...take with grain of salt these were just knee jerk responses


            Thanks for listening guys! I actually ended up using all stock Logic Pro X plugins for this mix! And I would say 75% or more of this was mixed on my apple earbuds. Been wanting to try that for awhile and this seemed like a great opportunity. Plugins used:

            All stock Logic
            1 - Channel EQ
            2 - Compressor
            3 - Gain
            4 - DeEsser
            5 - Space Designer
            6 - Tape Delay
            7 - Limiter

            It was refreshing to only have certain things to reach for. I believe it helped me concentrate on the music more, which was nice. I do still enjoy my other plugins though and if nothing else they allow me to get where I want to go faster.

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              Nice job Maurice! I'm a fan of the slate stuff as well...very versatile plugs. Some thoughts as I was listening: Acoustic guitars are nice and present in the intro but they feel a bit too bright to me. I actually went in and notched out 4400 and 9000 cycles on the acoustic guitar that I had panned to the right. Those in particular were tearing my head off. The vocals also tend to get lost a little so maybe backing off on the acoustic guitar and bringing the vocal up would make it feel more intimate. Also, the strummed electric guitar you have panned right seems too hot. Save that energy for the chorus!. Try automating the panning on your guitars to 50% for verses and then hard left and right for choruses. That's a fun way to make the choruses pop. Snare drum sounds a little choked. I like the pop though. Did you use the DBX on that? Could use some more body. Try boosting some 150-160 cycles. That will fill it out some more. Check the panning on the toms and also the HH if you are using it. Try listening to the OH's in solo before you mix the drums so you can hear how things are lining up in the stereo field. Seems as though they are audience perspective this time which would put the FT on the left and RT and HH on the right. Might as well use the OH placement to your sonic advantage.

              Maurice Beekman

                Thanks tgmix and Kip for taking the time listening! Very valuable to me. I often can hear the problems, but i'm not skilled enough to know how to fix them.
                I agree on your points and i will look into those in the second version. The problem with only 7 plugins is that i couldn't use a second EQ for tweaking in more detail. The Slate EQ is nice but not for the details. I have to think wich plugin i'm going to switch for a second EQ. I think the Stereo enhancer because i can work on the stereo field as you suggest. I did use the DBX on the snare as it gets that more aggressive attack out of it. I didn't hear the issues on the snare (except a bit loud) but i'm gonna listen to it in more detail. I'll do some fader riding to get the vocals out more in the mix as they indeed seem to dissapear in some parts.
                Well back the to my DAW as i have only two days left before a have to catch a plane.

                Maurice Beekman

                  Proves to me that the quality of stock plugins is getting to a level you can make professional mixes with them. However, using other plugins and outboard gear can give a mix just that bit extra to stand out i think.

                  Maurice Beekman

                    Version 2 and final version. The stereo expander went overboard and a Waves C6 EQ got into the project. Still not happy with but hey, it's a 7 plugin version! I changed the snare to give it more body and less snap. Worked on the guitars to make a difference in verse and chorus. The vocal are more upfront now with less reverb and more automation (still not happy with the vocals). Used the Waves EQ on a bunch of problem tracks/parts.


                    Timothy -

                      Dang I totally missed this thread. I'm game to give it a try. I'm going of the top of my head but the 7 plugins would most likely be or include....
                      1. protools stock eq,
                      2. valhalla room
                      3. echoboy.
                      4. uad 1176
                      5. Maag eq4
                      6. transient designer
                      7. Sansamp

                      Totally subject to change once I dig in.


                        Uh Oh.. the usual brand of lunacy...

                        Plugins Abused

                        FabFilter Pro Q
                        Waves MV2
                        UAD Vertigo Blue compressor (Çan never remember the name)
                        UAD Studer A800
                        UAD BX Sat V2 ('cos I need it for overheads or I'm screeeewed!)
                        Fabfilter Pro-R

                        Fabfilter Pro L

                        Lessons Learned

                        1. You don't need fancy plugins for technical mixing... but they do save a lot of time.
                        2. Creative mixing is tough without a bunch of FXs to mangle/mess/warp stuff.
                        3. Echoboy is awesome.
                        4. No, really Echoboy is awesome.
                        5. You can never have too many types of saturation.
                        6. I can't leave things alone. I have mess with them.
                        8. I also can't count (see). I used Fabfilter Multiband as well. (Not my fault! I'm Dyslexic! On lots of drugs!)
                        9. I also cheat. I used Eventide Precision Time Align to Align the Drums. But Cubase won't align in samples which is stupid!
                        10. Follow Little Empire on Spotify, 'cos they're awesome : https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Gdu2C3n9s4Wu7554mFpKL



                          i love that the vocal has taken on such life with those edits its very cool balanced against natural band....
                          the mounting tension at 3:30 building was great for me
                          you sure know how to make these your own
                          i find it jarring how dry others seem to like vocals but i am finding im definitely in the minority
                          thanks for starting this toby
                          i cant tell you how much fun and how much i learned
                          this should be a must have experience for every one here

                          Chris Sweet

                            Hey Kip, reverb seems to be a thing that comes in and out of fashion. Way too much in the 80's, way too little in the 90's, and I think we started getting it right within the last 15 years but that's just my opinion lol.

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