Hi Guys,

    This was a great exercise, I had almost the same conclusions as Chris.

    1 - I have way too many plugins
    2 - De-essing plugins are underrated
    3 - I saved some time not agonizing over what plugin to use πŸ˜‰

    Here’s my 7…

    1 – Waves SSL
    2 – Logic stock compressor
    3 – Pro Q2
    4 – Echoboy
    5 – Slate VTM
    6 – Slate β€˜New York’ (new, going to try it out)
    7 – Waves SSL bus comp

    Limiter – Slate FG-X

    Really enjoyed this, looking forward to the next one! Thanks alot!
    I'll check out all the mixes a little later, got to pop out for a bit.